2011 Tour

thats my plan I only need one so aiming to get 2 at least, does anyone know if we have to say buy YORK then finalise it before we can buy Grimsby or can we buy both and put in "basket" then checkout ?

If memory serves me right you need to buy each venue seperately - otherwise touts would get even more than they do now. I'm aiming for York and a mate has Bradford covered... fingers crossed

Sorted for York! Standing :)

Yay york! Gigsandtours was the first to show up for me.

Sorted. :D
i cant get any tickerts and i refreshingsince 8.58
Surprisingly smooth or have the ticket websites massively upgraded in the last year I've not been able to afford to go to gigs? I got off Ticketmaster but slightly cheaper to get off Gigs and Tours
Gigs and tours and See Tickets not working for me, straight in on Ticketmaster though... and i have a tic for Plymouth. f*** YEAH.
In a queue for York on both see and gigsandtours... Scratch that, got one for Grimsby! York and Bradford were both sold out standing on both Ticketmaster and See!! Happy days :)
Looks like Bradford and York are now sold out - no word from my mate who was on Bradford duty...

Grimsby still available... but who wants to go to Grimsby...

I managed to get 2 for york standing, but the others had gone by the time i got to them
f***ing Ticketmaster. I had a ticket for York Standing but they wouldn't deliever abroad and collect at box office were missing on delievery methods. Now they're all gone. Anyone got an extra ticket for York? I can trade one for Grimsby.
2 standing for Bradford :)

york/bradford standing sold out very fast!!
Where are the bloody York seated tickets!!!
just bought 2 for grimsby, potentially have 4 if my friend has got them as well. Anyone want to swap grimsby for 2 york
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