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Dates confirmed

8 March 2011

Tickets go onsale on Monday 14th March for the following Morrissey concerts :

June 15 (Weds) PERTH Concert Hall (Scotland) : support group FLATS.

June 17 (Friday) INVERNESS Ironworks (Scotland) : support group FLATS.

June 18 (Saturday) DUNOON Queens Hall (Scotland) : support group FLATS.

June 20 (Monday) DUNFERMLINE Alhambra Theater (Scotland): support group BROTHER.

June 21 (Tuesday) HAWICK City Hall (Scotland) : support group BROTHER.

June 24 (Friday) GRIMSBY Auditorium (England) : support group FLATS.

June 25 (Saturday) YORK Barbican (England) : support group MONA.

June 27 (Monday) BRADFORD St George's Hall (England) : support group MONA.

June 30 (Thursday) CHELTENHAM Plymouth Pavilions (new venue) (England) : support group MONA.
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Re: Tour!!!!!

OH MY GOD!!!! (happy dance):) It's to bad I live so far away. :(
Re: Tour!!!!!

What absolutley RANDOM places to play! I can get to about 3 of the Scottish dates though so not complaining! Wish me luck getting someone to come to Dunoon and Dunfermline with me, mind...
Re: Tour!!!!!

My sweet lord...

although... little bit lower would be good ; D
Re: Tour!!!!!

God yes!
Re: Tour!!!!!

does anyone know what size these venues are?
Re: Tour!!!!!

Random places. Not going to any of them cos I have trouble travelling with a problem I have with my liver & needing to go toilet every 5 mins.. but let's hope it isn't the only UK tour he does this year.
Re: Tour!!!!!

What do you guys reckon the odds of some more southern dates being added are?

Great news btw!
Re: Tour!!!!!

awesome news!
it seems to me that the biggest venue was maybe 2500 capacity and smallest 1000. that was just a quick look. tomorrow= tour planning! hopefully see everyone in June!!!!
Re: Tour!!!!!

York and Grimsby on consecutive nights. I don't think my poor old bones are up to two nights of being crushed half to death, so I've have to pick just the one. Both venues are similar sizes. Not much to do out the back end of Grimsby all day but there's free parking on site and they let you inside to use the loo. York is delightful but parking all day could be a costly pain. Hmmm....
Re: Tour!!!!!

No info on where tickets are on sale from? Nothing listed on TicketMaster yet... I'll need to be able to access whatever website it is from work on Monday morning or my tour plans will go tits-up!
Re: Tour!!!!!

Bradford eh? And Dunoon - I know one long-term board member who'll be absolutely delighted.

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