2011 Tour Intro montage

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Very classy, and crass at the same time!

i know Diana Dors is there and Sacha Distel, NYD and Lou Reed but who are the rest?

And where is the Footage?

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I've added some info in 2011 live FAQ and directory

Many thanks to a user The Smiths Indeed and romegirl who posted info in mainpage's Stoke-on-Trent postshow thread.

2011 tour clips:

1 The Foundations - Back On My Feet Again
2 a clip from a film or TV drama (a man announces that the school is about to begin)
3 Vince Taylor - Whole Lotta Twisting Goin' On
4 Gertrude Stein interview
5 Nico - I'm Not Saying
6 Lou Reed 1974 press conference
7 Edith Sitwell interview
8 clip from sitcom Queenie's Castle
9 James Baldwin interview
10 Fabian - The Tiger
11 Sparks - Turn Back On Mother Earth
12 New York Dolls - Looking for a Kiss
13Joe Dorlan - You Are Such a Good Looking Woman
14 Lipsinka
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Pre-show videos

Hey all, just thought you could help me. I'm looking to find out ALL the videos shown before Morrissey's gig as I loved every single video. I've done everything, google etc and still can't find out the videos. If you know any, please, please, please leave a comment. I'd really appreciate it. :)

The only videos I remember were (I know there were A LOT more):

Sparks - Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth
New York Dolls - Looking For A Kiss
Vince Taylor - There's A lotta Twistin Goin' On
Joe Dolan - Good Looking Woman
French video during the intro

cannot for the life of me find the song played during the intro, I think it is French, a girl and a guy who stands behind her most of the time just smoking a cigar.

someone help!!!!
Re: French video during the intro

Going on the assumption that quite a few of the introduction pieces used during the summer are being carried over, the thread started on AYNIM is forming the basis for a new one for this leg of the tour - http://allyouneedismorrissey.com/topic/4588483/1/ . So if anyone notices changes in the line-up, either new songs/clips or dropped items, please keep me in mind, for a note of same at this link. Thanks!
please help complete the intermission music/videos +exit music of the US/MEX 2011

goinghome and me are trying to compile the pre music tape ,the pre music videos and the exit music.. . not only for our personal interest, it would also help stephane add info to his site.there had tibits but not full infos.
there is a list of pre show music tape+pre show videos here .
i and other think he uses a lot from the UK tour or at least some of it is unknown what has been used or not used or added on the US tour
he does come onstage to "the bells" ive read-
video info has been given that shocking blue ink pot .brigitte bardot bubble gum and shelagh delaney salford video has been added.
what else from the videos has been left of or have been added?
according to one source the Lou Reed interview and the Joe Dolan one were NOT played.at the l.a. show.
-also the pre music tape at the US ? there seems to be at bit of a change:
siouxie ,ramones and patti smith accoring to a twitterer has been added -BUT THE EXACT SONG HAS NOT BEEN VERTIFIED.

and the other songs of the pre music tape- if you dont know it can you desrcibe if you can?o
ne source told me that young the giant song was still on there on the L.a. show
there is a link to almost every video and song on the thread for the Uk show so you can compare and see. checking it out and listen through( only if you have time of course) to see which video and song from the pre music tape will sound or look familiar

and to which song people exit the venue? is it klaus nomi again or sinatra "thats life" or sth else you can describe if you dont know it.? thanks
so anyone still emembering he stuff and people who are going to the detroit show today-please be so kind.
highly appreciated flowers

today on the chigago thread there was a info
Velvet Underground - I'll Be Your Mirror (Song)
Patti Smith - ??? (Song)
Sparks - ??? (Video)
Nico - ??? (Video)
New York Dolls - Lookin For A Kiss (Video)
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Intermission music 2011 UK/Europe - tour

A complete list of the songs would be appreciated. Here are some that I remember hearing:

Melanie-I dont eat animals
Edwin Starr - War
an unknown classical symphony that was played as the audience exited the venue.
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morrissey palladium pre-show videos
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