2009 Tour Official Merchandise


The merchandising staff at RAH knew absolutely nothing about it. I asked pre- and post-gig and got 'nutter' looks all round. :o

The merch staff at larger venues are usually the venue's own (and the venue gets a cut of the revenues) and not the touring crew's (or sometimes in conjunction with touring crew's personnel). The venue-specific staff typically wouldn't know about such things.

I heard from a Brummy that the autographed vinyls (when he asked in B'ham) would be available on Monday :rolleyes:, which as you know was the canceled Bournemouth date. This info doesn't quite help, I know, but there you go. It's off and on. Just keep checking for whatever show you're at. Also, even if you don't see it, ASK. They typically don't display the autographed vinyls, and you must ask for it like it's some kind of topshelf filthy magazine. :D
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