2009/03/14: Warner Theatre, Washington, DC, US


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Thank you very much NRITH.
Seems to be a pretty good recording.
Thanks again for record & share the show.
Good work


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Thank you NRINH, :thumb:
Sorry for the bugging...


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Downloading now - thanks for doing this.


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Thanks so much for this recording!! I was up front for this show--amazing!!
When you listen to "Seasick, Yet Still Docked," you'll hear Morrissey say "Don't worry" around the 2.00 mark, and then "Everyone's nice... everyone's being nice" around 2.57. During this song, the staff of the Warner Theater were asking folks at the front without front row tickets to move back. M was watching all of this as he sang. Two women, in particular, did not want to move. As the staff talked to them, they kept looking up at M. He knelt down and offered out his arm--they took hold of it (like an anchor!) and stayed put. M's words are directed at the staff--back off...everything's ok!... everyone's nice...
I was amazed at how he watched out for these fans at the front while singing this song... extending himself (literally) to keep them safe!
One more observation--when the shirt was thrown out, things went crazy. People were using their teeth to try to get the fabric to tear. Someone had a small pocket knife and cut it into sections. Very crazy but also very ordered and honorable!
Eternally memorable!!
Thanks again!
Not Right, thanks thanks and thanks...

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Very nice, thanks indeed. You are right in the head.


:guitar: Thanks for this show....listened to it today at work.....excellent!



People who haven't seen this, thank the recorder & uploader who has been banned from forums.

Megaupload link is still available.

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Just noticing this now, currently downloading.

User who has been banned from forums, thank you! :D
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