2 x York or Grimsby or Bradford tickets required - seated or standing


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One disappointed lady is attempting to avoid filling the greedy pockets of the eBayers that were responsible for me not being able to buy tickets on their release :mad:

It's a long shot but I'm hoping that someone out there could sell me 2 tickets for York, Bradford or Grimsby!

I'd be a grateful and happy girl :D

Debbie xx


got 2 seated here for bradford? looking for 150 for the pair?


I have 2 standing Grimsby tickets I don't need due to date change. I only want to get back what I paid, including booking fee. Cheers.


you don't have to have me
I have 2 standing York tickets here that I'm looking to exchange for 2 Middlesbrough tickets. I know they haven't gone on sale yet but my friend and I were under the impression that the first batch of dates were to be the only UK dates so we bought York tickets, those being the closest to us. Then he announces a gig ten minutes away from where we live! If you could purchase two Middlesbrough tickets on Friday (that's when they go on sale according to ents24 and see) then I'd be happy to exchange them for our York tickets. Thanks
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