2 tix for Roundhouse Tuesday 1/22


I have 2 extra tix that I'd be happy to sell for face value or exchange for another night. Would hate for it to go to waste.

The tickets are at will call, so I'd prefer someone who lives in England or at least that side of the pond just in case...(knocking incessantly on wood). But I won't be picky for those willing to assume the risk if they are from further-off places.

The upside: since they are will call, you don't have to pay until we get them before the performance and we can hang out together and swap Moz-love stories until the box opens. The downside, sorry, I can't get them to you beforehand. It's not worth getting them to send it at this point, if they even will (my apologies, I could swear I asked them to mail it post). :rolleyes:
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