2 Tickets for Cheltenham

Raised To Wait

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If there's anyone desperate to avoid the tout-trap and still looking for a ticket for Cheltenham I may be able to oblige.

First to reply gets first refusal - if there's any decency in the world maybe people who've already been to some shows (or have tickets for later in the tour) will allow those less fortunate to have a go?

Just so as people know up-front - this isn't an auction or an open invitation to a plead-a-thon: I'm looking for face value (inc. whatever handling fee SeeTickets charged... not sure what the total was, but I'll mail on whatever receipts and confirmations I got so you'll know I'm not on the fiddle).

Hope this brightens up someones Saturday.


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If you still have them, I'd be grateful of the opportunity to buy them from you.

Couldn't believe how quickly they sold out.
Please PM me if you still have them.
Best wishes
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