2 recent Johnny Marr articles...


found this in clash mag

and in nme(5th july 08 )he names his fave records,books and films:

Ive wished ive made
thre stooges

" i bought it from a record shop in manchester before i used to stick up the sleeves up my jumper and nick them. my mates were into iggy . i started to play the guitar and they said it sound like "gimme danger" in a way. ive heard tht the first 2 albums are essential but i prefer raw power. its good to be influenced by darkness. thats what i tried to do with the queen is dead"

everyone should hear
marquee moon

something about that they overcome the rules of rock and make something new but still kept the basics (sorry cant read my own scribble)

im loving
built to spill
ancient melodies

it was through BTS that ive found out about modest mouse. and its through bTS main man that isaac (MM frontman ) found out about me.(..)

ive just discovered :
helio sequence
keep your eyes down
from sub pop
met one of the guys of the band in portland (theyre from portland)theyre like the shin`s (...)

a real tearjerker is
lisa germano

very haunting, melancholic, the incredible thing about music that it can alter your conciousness

a record by a hero is:
bert jansch
it doesnt bother me

friends tried jimmy page(?) I ve had bert. it think ive worked him out how he played but i realised now ive never can really work him out completely

a big influence was..

?tried to copy look ?.love his androgynous style.people thought it was lightweight but it wasnt(..)

ive played to death:
matt johnson
burning blue soul
psychedic 60 garage DIY record..some mor nice things about matt..Im a real fan (..)

john savage "teenage"

factual not full of the usual cliiched bollocks

tibet: a buddhist trilogy

factual not esoteric

white peoney tea
bought it first it portland..people mistaken it for pot since ive carried the green leaves in plastic bags everywhere with me

my apologies(ive scribbled the nme thing up while going through the music mags at at a store-we dont have acess to british music mags here too much (some might say : better that way:) since theyre all sh*t anyway;-)
but once in a while i check them to keep me updates out at the railway station store ..yes even the dreadful nme;-))
the nme article i have written off is incomplete i couldnt have scribbled all and everything(which is not that much more ..only like 1 -2 sentences more) what he said about the records but i havent the time
so ive wrote down the basics and only the stooges part in its fullest and some parts in couldnt read anymore cause have my handwriting is very bad..sorrry

the clash mag must be new on the uk mag market never heard of it(quirte nice a lot of not so well known bands mixed with the well known)
found it on the bus trip from germany to london (fcame or the wireless gig) s
some kind soul forget itwhen he left the bus in brussels.
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This pleased me no end. Thank you.
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