Official Facebook 2 Israel dates - tickets available now (May 9 & 11, 2020)


(First link is dead currently).

Zappa Amphi Shuni, Binyamina (May 9)
Pavilion 1 - EXPO, Tel Aviv (May 11)

(Please note: there is a date discrepancy between the FB post's date and the venue's - the gig cited as on the 10th is listed as being on the 11th via the venue).


A working link for tickets on the 9th:

Media item:
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Dying to know how far in advance he plans things, because they're announced at random.
I’m the happiest human being in the world today. Moz heard my prayers! Bought tickets to both shows just now ❤️ I love you moz! To death
Thank you moz, for hearing my prayers. I luff you forever & ever & ever..just bought tickets to both shows!
sure it will sell well as its been a while and its only two dates.
Bizarre announcement upon bizarre announcement.
Trying to stay on top when he knows he's blown it.
Bizarre announcement upon bizarre announcement.
Trying to stay on top when he knows he's blown it.

LOL, yeah if he just turns up with the band and asks if they can play tonight? f***wit.
Of course it's all he has to let the likes of you know years in advance? FFS. :squiffy:
Obvs Moz hasn't blown it, & yes he's definitely on top. Go Moz.
Reading from that site in the biog section:

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