2 GA tickets for Washington DC Nov 30th, 2017



So I accidentally ordered 2 tix for the Washington DC show for Nov 30th ( I live in Canada and meant to buy Detroit). I am just looking for face value. I actually asked for hard copies so I will be mailing them to a buyer, but I can give you as much info as you need to feel like I am not ripping anyone off. Just looking to get them to someone. $55.00 US each + postage. Not even trying to get back the $21 service charge as I just want to get something back for my dumbness. They are general admission seating. Can send text message picture when I mail, what ever I need to do to make buyer feel comfortable.

Email me at
[email protected]


Still Ill
Hi, just realized I have a proper id set up on here. So -here is my plea again - I have 2 tix for sale - I really just want face value - paypal what ever - just need to get them sold so I can recoup some of my money on my mistake.
[email protected]
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