2 dates added to Fall tour (Seattle - Oct. 1 / Denver - Sep. 26) - Morrissey Official Twitter

Discussion in 'Tour' started by Famous when dead, May 13, 2019.

By Famous when dead on May 13, 2019 at 5:25 PM
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Discussion in 'Tour' started by Famous when dead, May 13, 2019.

    1. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Please note:
      The poster and tweet have differing dates:

      Same misinformation on FB.

      According to Ticketmaster & the tour poster:

      Seattle is October 1st.

      Denver confirmed too - Sept. 26:

      Well, it wouldn't be Morrissey without a bit of confusion...
    2. unloveable
      Bet Lil Sammy is behind social media coz those two dates are mixed
    3. unloveable
      Find hard to believe he's not touring in june july and august o_O
    4. SuedeMoz
      Was going to post this - but you've got to get up pretty early to beat FWD... :)

      Thoughts on what's happening during the roughly 3-month touring break (May-Sep)?
      • Record a new album?
      • Perform a few (probably UK) dates?
      • Just have some down time?
      It's been discussed a bit already... but would not be surprised if it's a new album. November will be 2 years since LIHS, he still has a record contract. The timing seems right.
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    5. Anonymous
      Wait Interpol are nazi supporters now? Maybe they’re just to American and don’t understand what’s happening in the uk
    6. dotmatrix522
      I think it’d be either the first or third choice. I can’t imagine him playing in the UK right now, after the most recent uproar.
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    7. SuedeHead88
      RE: White House has a Right Basturd in Power. Interpol are What Now? Oh Mr. Moz You STILL make good Copy. Great live set in Toronto. Looking forward Gallery Prints are FAB!
      Thanks to all the Visiting Fans who took time to talk about MOZ. Still Ill about Smiths music.
      No Strange Pills Required.
      Break Up the Family Live Yeah Prayed for that One Live No Joke.
      Italian Mike (local Toronto UK Gig Fan) Paled with Boz. Luck Bastard Respect.
      Tip of the Hat to The Bootleg Friends.
      Stage Left First TO Date 2nd TO date 2nd row Middle Stage.
      Make the Effort. Best Live Date in Ages.

      Is it Really So Strange Moz only plays for 1 hr. Come On Longer Please Please Please Let the Smiths fans get what they Want This Time...Smiths Reunion. Proper.
    8. SuedeHead88
      Play UK Why Not. No Such thing as bad Publicity. Moz Comments are Pepper in a Bland world. Not to be taken as Dogma. Mozma? Enjoy the set list Have Fun.
    9. Anonymous
      Does anybody know the presale code? Do we have to make a purchase? Thanks!
    10. Fontayne
      Is anybody going to the Camden show Sept. 9? I keep looking at the tickets and it looks like there is still a lot available.

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