1995 David Bowie press conference talks about going on tour with Morrissey

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Just came across this on You Tube and don't think it has been posted before. Bowie talks about Morrissey at 9.20 minutes into the video. He could mention him again later but I only watched the first 15 minutes (it goes on for over an hour). Think it's an interesting snapshot of 1995 when Bowie was clearly a big fan of Morrissey.



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It is a shame what happened. Morrissey was not in a good space. Having watched a few Bowie documentaries recently I can't imagine he was trying to steal Morrissey's thunder, as was the accusation. If Morrissey wasn't the way he is, though,his career would have been brief. He has to keep a tight rein on everything which is why he is so difficult to work with. It is not a dig at Morrissey but imagine what could have been. The You've Lost That Loving Feeling duet produced by Visconti. I think once you upset Bowie you are dead to him, or were.


32mins Bowie's comments on Frank Black splitting up The Pixies resonate with the Tribute Act career that is Morrissey as a solo artist.

David couldn't have been more gracious, accomodating and complimentary towards Morrissey whose rudeness in not even contacting Bowie to discuss the stage show explains everything. Morrissey asked to join the tour, clearly fantasising he could/would upstage Bowie only to find he was totally out of his depth. Hence his sudden collapse and departure. He was being set up by Bowie for yet another chance at global stardom and, as always, he f***ed it up. But of course, it's always someone else's fault. What a total wanker Morrissey has turned out to be. His trolling of David's death isn't even unexpected, it's now just par for the course. Trollissey always was a dickhead, the fact that he has a melodious voice and Minor Poet abilities as a lyricist doesn't absolve him of his disgraceful behaviour throughout decades. Adele has absolutely vanquished Morrissey's endless Victim Script/Conspiracy Theory. When a 'fat bird from Tottenham' smashes through to be poised to be the most successful singer ever on Planet Earth the childish whining of Morrissey is just a hilarious distraction. He always was an Art-hound and now he's been caught out with his pants down waving his willy around like a spoilt brat todder. Which is exactly what he is. Totally unbecoming a man in his 50s, though he most certainly is no masulinity model. Man up, Manucinian puff or f*** off. "I'm Not A Man', no you're a hissy fit C List Diva Troll bitch. Funny, but that's it. That's all there is to do now, LOL at the clown. Beclowned when he thought he'd inherit Bowie's crown. Never in a billion years can that happen now. There must be a God!

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