1995.02.05 - Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland VIDEO


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So it took about 6 hours to upload this video on this shitty badongo server, but it was the only one I could find that would host a file this large. AGAIN, this file is f***ING HUGE so it is going to take some time to download.

Size: 800+ MB
Morrissey - 1995.02.05 - Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland VIDEO
Total run time: 1:02:45


If this does not work for so, you will have to ask the others to repost, I apologize but I just don't have the extra time to do this one again. I hope it works for all of you that had an interest in this one. Enjoy.


P.S. For the chap that asked about the recording, it is indeed taken with a handheld camera from the audience. From the looks of the view angle I would guess it was filmed from the back right as one would look at the stage. Additionally, the footage is quite still and is acceptable for viewing, hell the photographer even did a few "zoom-in's" all in all not bad work. As for the chap talking about making it on stage, since I don't know you personally I can only guess which one you are in the video, however the video is stable enough that you can make out faces of the people who did make it on stage.//BR


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Thanks for all your work, it is much appreciated!


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Thank you

thank you very much!
I DLed, thats awesome gig!! gigs of 95era are always my favorite, so I was happy to see and very impressed, but the file pt6 was broken...Could you re-uplord the pt6?
thank you.
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