1992-2002 live comp (mpeg-2 dvd-5 version)


New mpeg-2 version, plays in dvd player, fits to dvd-5.
Slightly different setlist. Some parts have been changed to better quality. No audio syncing problems now.

Morrissey – 1992-2002 Live, the compilation of all compilations

The Best quality video from each tour + tv-performances 1992-2002. I used the best copies and versions I have.

I don’t know what is the best one from Oye esteban tour, so I took songs from the 3 best ones.
Complete Sao Paulo broadcast + the most interesting tunes from London Forum last night & Ny Beacon.
The “most interesting” means Maladjusted b-sides, songs played first time at oye- tour, Boxers acoustic & fabtastic 92-95.

TV-Performances 92’
Excellent quality

You’re gonna need someone on your side (mtv 120 minutes)
Glamorous glue (saturday night live)
Certain people i know (jay leno show)
you're the one for me fatty (hangin' with mtv)
We hate it when...(late show)
Suedehead (later with jools holland)

Introducing Moz
Pro shot – Excellent quality

You know the tracklist.
Seems like this is not going to get a dvd release, and the vhs is probably not available anymore, and no one has a vhs player anymore, so i took a risk of DavidA spanking me. Surely the younger gen fans wants to see this.

Later with Jools Holland 11.11.95
Excellent quality

The Boy racer

Lisebergshallen, Cothenburg, Sweden 1.12.97
Very good audience recording, 2-cam mix

Do Your Best and Don't Worry
The Boy Racer
Billy Budd
Reader Meet Author
Spring-Heeled Jim
Alma Matters
Paint a Vulgar Picture
Dagenham Dave
Hold On to Your Friends
Roy's Keen
Satan Rejected My Soul
Now My Heart Is Full
Shoplifters of the World Unite

TV-Performances 97’
Very good/excellent quality

Alma matters (david letterman show)
Satan rejected my soul (tfi Friday)

London Forum 16.11.99
Good audience recording

You’re gonna need someone on your side
The Boy racer
Break up the family
Last night I dreamt…

Beacon theatre, New York 29.2.2000
Good audience recording

A Swallow on my neck
I am hated for loving
I Can have both
Meat is murder

Sao Paulo 4.4.2000
Pro shot - Good quality but bad tv quality -> “good audience recording”

The Boy racer
Alma matters
November spawned a monster
Hairdresser on fire
Ouija board

Summersonic festival, Tokyo 18.8.2002
Pro shot – excellent quality

I wan’t the one I can’t have
First of the gang to die
Late night maudlin street
The World is full of crashing bores
Meat is murder
November spawned a monster
There is a light…

Craig Kilburn show 13.9.2002

Everyday is like sunday

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