1985 Meat is Murder tour, LA Hollywood Palladium: warm up act


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Hi, this is probably going to seem like a very obscure and strange question, but I really need help as I’m doing a project on a performer that once opened for The Smiths. During the 1985 tour dates in LA, the smiths had a pre-show performer to warm up the audience, the act was a cross dressing opera singer called Dainty Adore Ohara. Apparently it didn’t go down too well with the audience and it got pretty rowdy! I’ve been looking for any photos of this act/night, any possible recordings, or any information that is possibly available out there. If anyone could provide any insight then I would be forever grateful!



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Sorry, I don't have any info on the opening act... but there's an audio recording from the first of the two nights The Smiths played at the Hollywood Palladium in 1985:

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