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  1. Hi Guys

    Thought you might, hope you will, be interested in the latest episode of Station to Station Podcast, in which the hosts sit down with Graham Sampson of The Smyths.

    The premise of the podcast is each guest (from the music industry) is assigned a year and asked to choose their favourite album and single from said year, discussing in turn what they associate the music with, how it influenced them etc.

    This episode turned into a bit of a Smiths special, with Graham talking about his relationship with the Smiths and Morrissey as a teenager in the 80's as well as choosing Meat Is Murder as his album..

    if you fancy a listen, you can find it on itunes here - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast...sodeGuid=tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/509949015

    acast - https://www.acast.com/stationtostationpod/ep03-graham-sampson

    Feel free to keep up to date with everything we're doing at stationtostationpod on instagram.

    hope you enjoy!
  2. gordyboy9

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    Jul 22, 2008
    good listen if you like these sorts of things.still think SMYTHS should be SMYTHS and not SMITHS.
  3. Glad you enjoyed it! it was an interesting discussion about the bands name at the very start of the podcast..

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