1984 june 10th GLC "Jobs For A Change" Festival, Jubilee Gardens, London

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    someone hipped me to this link being dead on the mozzbozz site, so here is a reupload


    10 June 1984
    GLC "Jobs For A Change" Festival, Jubilee Gardens, London

    Nowhere Fast
    Girl Afraid
    This Charming Man
    William, It Was Really Nothing
    Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
    I Don't Owe You Anything
    Still Ill
    Barbarism Begins At Home
    Hand In Glove
    /What Difference Does It Make?
    /You've Got Everything Now
    //Pretty Girls Make Graves
    //Miserable Lie

    This concert was free, it was funded by the GLC (Greater London Council). The Smiths were booked after Misty Roots, the Redskins and a few more acts. During the Redskins' performance, a fight broke out in the audience and ended up on stage. Despite this being a multi-act event, the majority of attendees were there for the Smiths.

    The concert went extremely well and the sound was excellent. The stage was littered with flowers brought along by fans. After entering stage Morrissey greeted the audience "Hello we're the Smiths!" before the band launched into "Nowhere Fast" which was getting its UK debut. It would become The Smiths' opening number of choice in subsequent shows. This early version had a rockabilly feel to it and featured instrumental pauses that were dropped in the studio version which was to be released early the following year. After playing the song, Morrissey acknowledged the crowd's unfamiliarity with it by introducing the next song with, "Okay, you know this one, I think, possibly...".

    That next song was "Girl Afraid" which was returning to the setlist after having been dropped for over a month. It had meanwhile been beefed up by Johnny and sounded better than ever. Actually the live sound of the Smiths was getting more and more refined at this point in time. Some numbers were given a rockabilly-ish sound while "Pretty Girls Make Graves" was now played with a reggae-ish bridge. During this concert, the latter song was performed when the Smiths returned to the stage for their second encore, just after Morrissey led the crowd into a chant of "Smiths! Smiths! Smiths!" Meanwhile the only other banter from Morrissey had been thank you's and the introduction of a few songs, such as "I Don't Owe You Anything" with the words "This song is called 'I Don't Owe You Anything'."

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