1980's Sitcom Frink Thread


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technically not 80's, but I was shocked to find out:

"A feature film based on the 1974 TV series is currently in production. The film is directed by Brad Silberling and stars Will Ferrell."

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The pleasure the privilege is mine... Police! Squad!!!!!!! :guitar: It's on Hungarian tv again, after more than 20 years... :p (Hungarian title: A Very Special Squad)

Mork and Mindy (in Hungarian: A Gentleman from Outer Space)

And the alpha and omega of all sitcoms....

You rang m'lord?

And last but not least: Allo Allo



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Not sitcoms but I loved these shows. :D

Shadow Chasers

Misfits of Science

Friday the 13th, the Series

Tour of Duty


Bosom Buddies!!

do you guys know they show Different Strokes on BET now? i was watching it yesterday. it was the one where Kimberly got a job at this Burger Joint and the boss tried to make out with her so she squirted ketchup in his face.

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sarah gilbert alias darlene connor-roseanne
the" uber cool "girl with an answer for everything...I never was haha
i was more the clumsy and shy one...her development from that tomboy-ish girl to that deprssive bookreading teenager to a smart woman ....i liked her a lot
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