15 minutes with...Mark E. Nevin; quote in Kirsty MacColl feature

Julie's blog has a very interesting interview with Mark Nevin.

Fifteen Minutes with… Mark Nevin, Morrissey’s co-writer on ‘Kill Uncle’. - @marriedtothemoz

Also posted by MORRIZSEY in the forums (original post):

Mark E. Nevin in Kirsty MacColl Feature
Mark E. Nevin speaks of Kirsty MacColl collaboration influence:
The Single File: Kirsty MacColl, “My Affair” - A.V.Club


Nevin—who kindly agreed to reminiscence a bit about the song for The A.V. Club—recalled that their method of musical collaboration was inspired by MacColl’s observations of the way Morrissey and Johnny Marr worked together. “It wasn’t in the old fashioned, sit-down-and-wrestle-out-a-song-together songwriting style,” Nevin said. “Johnny wrote what sounded like a finished track without a vocal and sent it on a cassette to Morrissey, and he in turn sang his lyrics on top of it. So I gave Kirsty these tracks and she wrote her part on top of them. It didn’t quite feel like ‘proper’ songwriting to me, but the songs that resulted from it were definitely proper, so what the hell.”
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seems a good down to earth family man.good intervew very relaxed.

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