15 Minutes With...Andrew Paresi (McGibbon) by Julie Hamill


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15 minutes - took me nearly 25!

Thanks for that, I'd love to hear his Morrissey impression. Very good interview.

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I enjoyed that, cheers. I do seem to recall people on here, after Mozipedia and I Was Morrissey's Drummer, misinterpreting Andrew's tone as rather bitter and downtrodden when he merely enjoys taking the piss out of himself. Fair play to him.


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Awwww. What a sweet guy! I love his house. And his handwriting. Julie asks good questions.

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"...I then payed a tight rhythm on the kit to remain absolutely close with the loop by playing a steady, funk groove style BUT stripping it down so that I played the last 16th semi of the second beat bass drum note a grace to the third beat of each bar. So it went bs (b)b s with 8’s on closed high hat over the whole thing. The only time I left this was to accent the end phrase of each chorus with four sixteenth note snare fill ahead of accenting 3 AND 4 in the last bar (“wish me luck and say goodbye”). I went the ride cymbal in the middle eight but kept the same 8’s note pattern..." huh?


Another great interview. Many thanks Julie - keep up the good work...


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Julie knows all the questions to ask, these really are the best Moz interviews i've read. I wonder if Morriseys seen them? I wonder if Morrissey knows how good an interview she'd do with him?


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Another great interview. I hope one day she can gently persuade Alain, Gary, and Spencer to join in.

I'm surprised no one has jumped in on the revelation that "Melanie," the Morrissey parody that so many have claimed is an unreleased song called "A Girl I Used To Know," was Andrew's doing. Mystery solved.


Ref - Melanie: Well it was obvious that it was a imatation. Its just interesting that no one could recognise the difference in guitars and keyboards between the real recordings of that time and the imitation. And the vocals OMG. The vocals are - and were - totally different and in the wrong key. Bewildering

Viva Hate: With memory eclipsed in fog, I recall listening to viva hate n tape. It had a magical sound on tape. I cannot understand how Morrissey was shafted by the other 3 and was forced to record and release SOMETHING for EMI after he was abandoned, and after all that, he came out with Viva Hate. Which was a treasure. Which was totally unique to the crap that came out at that time. Not quite Your Arsenal nor RINGLEADER nor YOR but good and timeless. Cant believe it was that long ago..... x
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