15-minute musical - "Heaven Knows I'm Middle Aged Now"

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By Uncleskinny on Dec 27, 2013 at 8:21 PM
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    Jun 1, 2000
    On the moors
    A 15 minute musical on BBC Radio 4 - Morrissey looks for a new musical collaborator. Can David Bowie, Paul Mc Cartney or Lady Gaga help?

    As I write, it's on now.

    Should be able to be heard again before too long.

    Heaven Knows I'm Middle-Aged Now - bbc.co.uk
    Series 8 Episode 4 of 6
    Duration: 15 minutes
    First broadcast: Friday 27 December 2013
    A series of satirical, barbed, bittersweet fifteen-minute comedy musicals.

    With over thirty musicals selling out in the West End night after night - the British public (and the Radio 4 audience) cannot get enough of them, therefore ...

    In true West End style, artistic licence is well and truly taken and stretched, as easily identifiable public figures are dressed up, gilded, fabricated and placed against a random musical backdrop for sugar coated consumption. The stories are simple and engaging but with an edge - allowing the audience to enjoy all the conventions of a musical (huge production numbers, tender ballads and emotional reprises) whilst we completely re-interpret events in major celebrities' lives.

    Beautifully crafted with astronomically high production values 15 Minute Musical does for your ears what chocolate does for your taste buds. All in fifteen minutes!

    Winner of the Writers Guild of Great Britain Radio Comedy Award this series provides an energy boost and a seasonal treat at 1815 over the Christmas week.

    Heaven Knows I'm Middle-Aged Now

    Cast: Richie Webb, Dave Lamb and Pippa Evans.
    Written by: Dave Cohen, David Quantick and Richie Webb
    Music Composed, Performed and Arranged by: Richie Webb
    Music Production: Matt Katz
    Producer: Katie Tyrrell.
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    1. realitybites
    2. Playcat2000
    3. Anonymous
      Everyone can listen. There is a browser extension called Hola that allows you to fool sites in other countries where content is blocked. It is called Hola Better Internet and it is free. It works, at least in the US, but should work anywhere.
    4. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Some of you colonial types should try to get hold of get_iplayer, a rather nifty little programme which allows you to download anything which appears on the BBC's iPlayer, radio or television, wherever you are in the world.

      You'll need to learn a simple bit of coding, but then you're off.
    5. Quentins Girl
      Quentins Girl
      John B not Keen, you need to be either about 60yrs young, bored and have no access to a computer not to know about I-Player!!!! Your comment made me laugh though. Do you live in the Highlands/backwaters of Walford by any chance? Ha ha. Joking. Happy New Year. Hear Moz is to be awarded the Pulitzer for his book. Stay calm, myself and other followers luved it!!! My 2013 has been terrible in many ways so let us hope 2014 will be better for us all. Quentins Girl CCX
    6. Quentins Girl
      Quentins Girl
      Doubt Moz is bored enough or indeed has enough time to comment or read comments on here, but if he or a friend takes a peek I would love to say to him:- Your book was soulful, beautiful, funny, sad, deep, clever and a joy to behold, 20 year olds and 70 year olds (Fact) have told me they LOVED it. So unlike me Moz, your 2013 was not bad, hope next year is even better for us all:thumb: Haters, be kinder, we are all only here for a while. Read, Scuse me while I touch the sky! Life is over in a blink! X
    7. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      I prefer to think of myself as a bit like Prince Philip, but far less socially aware.
    8. Quentins Girl
      Quentins Girl
      Ha ha, love it, as well as making me sad sometimes (when you are nasty about M) you also make me laugh with your comments (sometimes). I happen to like Prince Philip (for not being as the British Press want him to be) Wish you were not a hater of Morrissey, we could be friends JB!!!! Happy 2014 X
    9. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Awww, I don't hate Morrissey. That's just a rather lazy lie propagated by those for whom he can do no wrong. I just hate his bullshit. There's a difference. When he releases a great song I'll say so. I will have been waiting five years in February. Years of Refutal.
    10. Quentins Girl
      Quentins Girl
      Oh well JB, whether you love or hate Moz I see a brain (beneath) your postings and at least I do not fear answering you (unlike some here that are too bitter obsessed and scarey for me ha ha) Happy 2014! Would love to hear your views on other issues in the world apart from Moz (this is not the site I guess), bet they are interesting!!!! XXX By the way, you never loved First of the Gang???? My nephew and his mates loved it as did I ha ha. Have a good NY JB X
    11. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      I loved FotG to bits. His last truly, truly great solo single and right up there with his very best. I know it might make his head pop to hear it but I often compare his solo stuff by how it measures up to the Smiths output. First Of The Gang To Die is that good. It's full of all that wonderful imagery he used to do so effortlessly. More like that would be lovely. I don't get irritated by him because I think he cannot produce stuff like that anymore. It's because I know he can but doesn't. You don't have to study the history of popular music to realise people like Morrissey don't come along very often. We need him at his peak. The clock is ticking. I might have five World Cups left if I'm lucky and he has fewer still. As a social commentator and political expert he makes a great songwriter.

      I often sit and discuss the world with my fellow liberals. I'm a very inclusive sort of chap really, despite what some here might think. Food for children, sticks for old people. All that stuff. I'm very much in favour of both.

      Happy 2014 to you too. The general consensus around here matches your own concerning 2013. Can't wait to see the back of it.
    12. Anonymous
      Johnny this post got me thinking about the first time I heard F OT G.
      My wife was late on in pregnancy so it was the only Smiths/Morrissey gig she had never attended with me, anyway I decided to go on my own, the gig was at King Georges hall Blackburn (it was the time Morrissey had no record deal) It was one of the best Moz concerts I've ever been to the floor was bouncing and I think first of was thrown in near the end BANG!!!!!!!! I new straight away when I heard it that he still had things to offer and achieve. I left that night with sweat-soaked clothes and half a voice. Them were good days, thanks for the memory Johnny B.
      Forgot to mention I never heard the song again until he got a deal, good times for a change. The end.

      Benny-the-Butcher Happy new year to one and all lets hope its a good one
    13. Quentins Girl
      Quentins Girl
      You too JB, 2014 has to be better for me,
      dare I wish!!! You speak a lot of sense often (but not always IMO ha ha), love the fact we all differ in our opinions, guess that is called Free Speech ha) X

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