15 days from Kuwait to Downtown Baghdad!

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  1. i'm sure the 600 or so people who have been killed are thinking the same thing
  2. There are Still less than 100 coalition troops dead....

    Who fuckin' cares about the dead Iraqus! That why they call it a WAR !
  3. smartass

    smartass Guest

    what's an iraqu?
  4. Mr Hussein

    Mr Hussein Guest

    The Yanks have killed more Brits than my men have!
  5. david

    david Guest

    stupid stinking yanks
  6. Ruffian

    Ruffian Guest

    > USA! USA! USA!

    Oh please calm down. Be respectful. And we won't bring up 20 or so British soldiers you took out on the way. Soon it should be over if we're lucky.
  7. alain

    alain Guest

    Re: you could easily do it in one full day by bus, on Jan.1

    so what are you actually trying to say, kid?

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