13 Morrissey studio albums ranking

Seeing the last update, I'm struck by how badly ranked Maladjusted is and conversely how high up I Am Not A Dog On A Chain ranks. Low in High School is for me the hardest record to classify as I love the first 4 tracks + closing track Israel but find the rest of the album varies from mediocre to (really) bad.

Bellow my two cents:

1. Vauxhall & I
2. You Are The Quarry
3. Your Arsenal
4. Maladjusted
5. Southpaw Grammar
6. Viva Hate
7. Ringleader Of The Tormentors
8. World Peace Is None Of Your Business
9. Years of Refusal
10. Low in High School
11. Kill Uncle
12. I Am Not A Dog On A Chain
13. California Sun
I’ve tried multiple times with Maladjusted. Just a bad album with the exception of the title track.


Your arsenal
Vauxhall and I
Viva hate
Southpaw grammar
You are the quarry
Ringleader of the tormentors
Kill uncle
I am not a dog on a chain
Years of refusal
World peace is none of your business

Low in high school



1) Vauxhall And I - 560 pts
2) Your Arsenal - 511 pts
3) Viva Hate - 481 pts
4) You Are The Quarry - 390 pts
5) I Am Not A Dog On A Chain - 338 pts
6) Southpaw Grammar - 290.5 pts
7) Maladjusted - 286.5 pts
8) Ringleader Of The Tormentors - 279 pts
9) World Peace Is None Of Your Business - 268 pts
10) Years Of Refusal - 258 pts
11) Kill Uncle - 217.5 pts
12) Low In High School - 189.5 pts
13) California Son - 121 pts


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1- viva hate
2- years of refusal
3- you are the quarry
4- ringleader of the tormentors
5- Vauxhall and I
6- southpaw grammar
7- your arsenal
8- world peace is none of your business
9- I am not a dog on a chain
10- california son
11- maladjusted
12- low in high school
13- kill uncle

Quite a different ranking compared to most people's, I like most Morrissey music but with the bottom 3 albums I like less than half of the tracks on each. Got into Morrissey with Ringleader so perhaps I'm bias, really like that album! For me your arsenal is his most overrated.
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