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Walk right through the door: 12 songs about shoplifting - The A.V. Club


2. The Smiths, “Shoplifters Of The World Unite”

For one reason or another, most of the best shoplifting tunes come from British bands, and “Shoplifters Of The World Unite” is no exception. Released by The Smiths as a one-off single in 1987, the track is not so much an ode to actual boosting as it is to, as Morrissey said in a 1987 interview, “spiritual shoplifting” or “cultural shoplifting.” Basically, it’s about “taking things and using them to your own advantage.” Even the song is lifted, to some extent: Musically, it bears a strong resemblance to T. Rex’s “Children Of The Revolution.” Not surprisingly, this egocentric tune is one of Morrissey’s favorite Smiths cuts, and one he performs to this day.
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Franz Ferdinand's 'The Fallen' could be added to the list, as the narrative features an act of shoplifting from Tesco, alluded to twice in the lyrics.


I hate lists. This song has nothing to do with shoplifting. But, you know, the word is in the title.

But that's the A.V. club for you...


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Interesting how the article says that 'Shoplifters' was a musical lift from 'Children of the Revolution' by T.Rex, not sure I agree with that, a bit tenuous if you ask me. However I do like the idea that it was stolen, hee hee.


The music is certain heavily inspired by 'Children of the Revolution' (the chorus is pretty much the same musically in both songs), though it's not quite so blatant a theft as 'Panic' and 'Metal Guru'. I quite like the fact that during this period the Smiths seemed to be so confident they'd just nick stuff of of T-Rex and still make brilliant songs in their own right.

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