10 misconceptions of this greasetea

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  1. greasetea

    greasetea Guest

    1. I am David Tseng. (His sex life pales in comparison to mine..I don;t even use gondola's or sugarcubes!)
    2. I am Morrissey. (I wouldn't mind his money but he can take his life and shove it up Boz's ass)
    3. I am anyone who supports me. (Well, since I am Morrissey, my egotistical ways would support this)
    4. I am intelligent. ( I am an idiot.)
    5. I am stupid. (See number four)
    6. Cinderella ad I are the same person. (hat's one way of putting it during some interludes)
    7. I am a pasty faced lamebrain. (That's only true after I eat out your mom)
    8. I am a fat peice of $hit that chows on pizza and cheese doodles all day while playing Zork. (Oh, that's Glamgioth)
    9. I am a racist. (Must be since I verbally assault myself when I stare at the mirror and then attack my family)
    10. I am fu.cked up. (No, I am totally fu.cked up)
  2. Geoff Wode

    Geoff Wode Guest

    Another misconception of greasetea

    11. You play pocket billiards several times a day.

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