04/05/1991 Music Hall - Cologne, Germany (soundboard)

Famous when dead

This recording is a revalation!!!!
Thanks for posting!!!!!!

One question though....possibly related......I went to see Moz at Great Woods in Mansfield MA in July 3rd 1991 (12th row and had 5 extra tickets as I couldn't get anyone else to go with me!) and am unsure who the backing band was....UI didn't think it was Alain/Boz/Spencer,etc..I remember the guitarist was apparently with Adam Ant at some point....could that have been Boz?
I do remember the show ended abruptly when a fan jumped on the stage and Moz bolted and never came back...
The support band was Melissa Ferrick who'd replaced Phranc - she received 3 record deal offers immediately after the Morrissey tour ended.
The Morrissey line-up was Boz, Spencer, Alain & Gaz.
Yes, Boz and Adam are very close friends and he's recorded tracks/played live with him quite a few times.
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