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I have acquired this recently, and some of you have seen this from Omega. I have also started to digitize this (as seen on the link).

I think the story from the person who owned this (which I interviewed after I got this tape) is quite delightful.

From my post:

This came from Steve Clarke, who co-ran Drone Studios (along with Paul Roberts), where The Smiths recorded this single. Steve was also the engineer during the production of this song. This was the first tape that came out of that session, which was used for further mastering to the final product.

The sound is definitely a lot rougher than the released version(s), and has an extra round of instrumentals near the end which was cut in the final mix (making this have a length of 3:23 instead of 3:15).

According to Steve regarding this tape:

“In early summer 1985 I got a call from Paul Roberts who told me that The Smiths were in the studio, they'd been in for about three days an(d) the band weren't getting on too well. I recall Paul saying "Steve, I really need a break from 'Dorothy' (aka- Morrissey), can you come down, I feel like a peace envoy running out of love". He was frustrated and tensions were high as Rough Trade hadn't paid the bill from a session two weeks before. I arrived to find them routining three songs; I cannot recall the other two but the Boy with the Thorn in his Side was the stronger of the three. I routined the band in the afternoon until they were tight enough to commit to tape. Johnny Marr asked me later in the day which song I thought was the strongest. They were seemingly at odds and I was not keen to involve myself. But, he pushed, so I said The Boy is best. At that point Morrissey wasn't entirely convinced but as the tracks were layered he started to come round.”

Also a funny story according to Steve:

“During the session I remember Morrissey asking Paul who, in his opinion was the best band to come out of Manchester? Paul being a big sixties fan said "The Hollies", Morrissey was livid and told Paul he was absolutely wrong and that The Buzzcocks were easily the best. The debate went on for some time!”

This also include two other tracks, which are physically separate tapes (just the same spool). Steve said that this was purely from a financial reason and the studio wasted nothing during its time.


Note: Similar content previously mentioned two weeks ago in the Strange/unexpected Moz references thread by Famous when dead.
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The Danny Kelly piece from the N.M.E.... the fact the quote wasn't a quote in "quotes" from Marr makes me suspect it wasn't actually a quote and that it may have been ahem 'artistic licence' on behalf of the arch shit stirrer. But don't quote me on that. Although he kinda used single 'quotes' so now I'm confused.
You said this in 2014. Where did the years go?

"I don't have any idea of the source of those but in 1991 when Marr was being interviewed by NME in promotion of Electronic's first album he called Moz... "Dorrissey" and called Our Frank... "Alf Wank"

From me now in 2023:
Best of all though, is Johnny Marr’s healthy relationship with his past. He has refused to let it haunt or hinder him. Nor is he cramped, like some, by an undue reverence for Morrissey. Indeed he (like all the Factory Mafia) now refers to his former soulmate as ‘Dorissey’ and has re-christened the limpid lad’s last 45 (Our Frank) as ‘Alf Wank’. (Danny Kelly, NME, April 1991).

NME 1991

Good question about where did all the years go.. but I actually remember reading the Alf Wank stuff when it was current.

I was living in Rhode Island in 1991. I used to go to Thayer St on the East Side of Providence and get the NME that came out on Tuesday on Friday at a record shop there. I sometimes bought Melody Maker if Moz or Smiths were on the cover.

I was trading audio and video at that time. I had pretty much every Kill Uncle tour date on cassette. A lot of FM broadcasts along with a slew of audience recordings.

At the time I was in college and didn't have a lot going on in my life besides Moz and The Smiths so the details of what I remember from 91 are some of the most vivid memories I have in my entire 50+ years of life.
Yeah wtf is that? Routine is a real word but as far as the other conjugations go I'm gonna say no.
It is a music studio / industry term for having the artist practice.

Aka Rehearse.

Routining is a bit odd but I've heard it afore.
Is no-one interested what the other two songs were? Or do we assume Rubber Ring and Asleep?
Everyone else is too obsessed with Johnny Marr. I thought this was a Morrissey site!

I'd like to hear all three. So I would. Yes, I would indeed.

Emphasizing it so there are at least two posts on the topic here.
No takers it seems - thanks for trying, Sam. So I'm going to assume Rubber Ring / Asleep, which as a merged "track" are stronger IMO but couldn't really be A-sides individually.
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