Morrissey Central “Spend The Day With Love.” (April 19, 2024)

Didn't we see this a few days ago?
How many f***ing posts is he going to make about this?
I didn't take to it at first but now I quite like it. I'm a bit sad that Gustavo isn't getting more credit. He was one of my favourites from the old band. I see that Dana will be doing a live appearance soon.

How many f***ing posts is he going to make about this?

I wonder if he's basically been asked to make an effort to promote it a bit. Perhaps it is designed to generate some goodwill with the label (or associated industry personnel)

It seems unusual to push it so much otherwise.

On the Fretsore website it states the following:

The label’s first release was a charity album called Music Minds which raised funds and awareness for UK charities working in support of mental health sufferers, with contributions from 50 musicians including multi-million sellers Graham Gouldman of 10cc, Nik Kershaw, Phil Manzanera of Roxy Music, and Paul Young

I imagine that sort of thing could pique M's interest (and maybe he was actually involved with that, who knows)

I'm not that switched on with music industry mechanics, but to my naive mind a trendy/edgy label like this could be just what Morrissey needs right now.

He seems to have a historic connection with Dana, so maybe that can help. He's previously played at least one of her songs before his own performances, and now she's released a cover of one of his. So maybe there's something more beneficial than we realise in all of this.

Also the founder Ian Sephton is pretty much the same age as Morrissey, so who knows if that could help. Perhaps there's a slither of hope in that direction.

I'm clutching to straws, I know!
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"Spent two days in bed" keeps drifting through my mind whenever I hear this song. Sounds more decadent.
Morrissey was mentioned at very beginning , but true to say, I did not listen a full interview

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