Morrissey Central “NOTICEBOARD UK” - 6 UK dates & 2 Dublin dates (April 3, 2023)

Tickets are on sale Thursday 6 April for Morrissey concerts:

PORTSMOUTH Guildhall (July 8) Saturday
NOTTINGHAM Royal Concert Hall (July 9) Sunday

LEEDS Millenium Square (July 12) Wednesday

LIVERPOOL Empire (July 18) Tuesday
LONDON The Troxy (July 22) Saturday

Official Morrissey FB confirms 2 Dublin dates too:


Update (April 6, 2023):
An extra date was added at The Liverpool Empire for July 19:


Media item:
There is no presale, we can assume; I usually get access to both gigsandtours and Ticketmaster as well as others and have heard nothing by email.

I have also just called a telephone number regarding Liverpool and they have stated that Thursday is the correct sale date.
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Thanks for the kind words :) ! You're right, this site here is amazing to keep track on all things related to M and the concert threads contain all the infos, often in real time, that's really cool (y)

But as you said, one wants to be there. I really don't get it why he is so limited to the places he gives concerts at, because there are many fans in other places too. And to repeatedly only visit the same countries (assume he goes on a US tour after this...) in very short time just feels bad for the people left out, because left out is what you feel after a while. I know he can't go everywhere and there are always countries/places to be left out and that's OK. But yeah, I don't know, go four times to London within a few months but say Spain and Italy don't have places the right size seems lacklustre to me.
I've travelled to see him last year and funnily enough there were so many people I met with different nationalities that went there because they feared they will never see him live otherwise (including me ^^). But not everyone has the money/time off work to travel to another country for a concert and I so wanted to see him again.

Anyway - rambling over. I hope you all enjoy it and take all the chances to see him at the upcoming dates and informed :))))

You're welcome! 🤗

I feel you on that subject completely. It makes such a difference being there or at least/even knowing that you're going in the future! It's so true. He likely has fans in most corners of the globe but many only get to see him once in a blue moon. You could be correct about a US tour to follow - he said he would return there this year, although it's not always reliable (😆), but that could happen.

The (eventual) dates for Israel are a nice thing to see, but, of course, that doesn't help those who reside elsewhere. It has been a while since he ventured there. I want to say possibly a decade or more.

I truly can imagine you do feel left out and not everyone can travel to alternative countries for a multitude of reasons. Yeh, I don't quite comprehend the Spain/Italy issues myself/either. There has to be places he can play. Simply has to be.

Aww! Bless you. I can understand that, for sure. It takes a lot for me to travel far for gigs, but I would too if I thought I would never see him live at all if I didn't or, like the current moment, I feel we have no idea when/if he will retire and I am trying to grab as many M filled nights as possible before that can occur. I hope it doesn't and he plays live for the next 20 years - even sitting, but the uncertainty forces me to muster the funds and the energy to travel. However, I feel, especially recently, that I need to weigh that against the fact that he will likely make very few changes to the setlists from each night to the next and as I don't want to repeat the same for, say, 10 nights of the tour, I am limiting myself to "at least 3 per year" but to try and see him at different times to improve the likelihood of set changes.

Ahh, thank you! I will do. We all have to support our man,don't we?! Whether that's attending every live gig available, just a few of them and/or by being here and drinking in the videos and photographs etc of said gigs after them, we are each as valuable as the next.
Who else is going to Troxy? I’m logging on at 9.30 to get my ticket early 😝
I don’t even care if it’s the same set list, if it’s half as good as Hammersmith it’ll be one of the best nights ever.
Q. Will a U.K. ticketmaster account be able to buy the Dublin tickets? Or best to set up a separate account?

The U.K. site does list / connect to the Dublin listings , I was thinking it may automatically recognise account if click through
The Swords tour? I was there too, stage right. At the end everyone was calling for Moz as they walked off stage and I called for Jesse instead, just to be different. He looked back at me in surprise at his name being called. It mustn't happen too often.
Yeah I guess so, I saw him at the National Stadium around that time as well; that was an intimate one for sure. However, nothing will beat Omagh Leisure Centre, surreal gig. I've chatted to Boz about it online, I think the band were quite bewildered that night. I'll be coming down from Belfast for hopefully both gigs.
looks like M has left his kilt back in LA.
to anyone going to the shows,enjoy.
looks like M has left his kilt back in LA.
to anyone going to the shows,enjoy.
Don’t blame him, the last Glasgow gig was dire. First few rows of people were pissed off right from the start that the usual weirdos were allowed to just loiter in front of the stage, blocking everyone’s view.
Didn't seem to bother the older man with seats in the front row who was with his grandson and literally just abandoned him to go and join the knob-heads at the barrier. Classic family values.
As an Irish fan, I have seen Moz perform ‘Nothing Rhymed’ and ‘Come Back To Camden’ live in Dublin. I’m really lucky as I don’t think many others can make such a claim
Confirmation from Ticketmaster that the Dublin shows will have standing (see the attached screenshot).
Irish dates being publicised -

The UK and Irish dates -
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Prices are up for most venues on Gigs and Tours. Looks like £90 is the standard - ouch.
Not going to lie, somewhere slightly further north than Leeds would've been appreciated. Newcastle would've been especially pleasing. But even a Scottish date would've sufficed. Nevermind, not a lot that can be done about that. Maybe next time around! Never been to Nottingham before, so I guess that'll be interesting alongside the other two.
There's been a big rise in right wing politics in Ireland over the last lot of years so he should get a decent size audience for Dublin.

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