“Morrissey, so much to answer for” by Dorian Lynskey - New Statesman

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  1. A Man Escaped

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    Aug 9, 2014
    Morrissey, so much to answer for - New Statesman
    There are no excuses left for the former Smiths frontman’s repugnant political views.

    By Dorian Lynskey. Illustration by Ellie Foreman-Peck.

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    A Man Escaped
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    1. Uncleskinny
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    2. Bluebirds
      I'm sure the usual empty vessels will decry the piece for being in the lefty New Statesman. But agreed a good article from a good music writer
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    3. Thewlis
      Very sloppy, onesided, and very lazy.
      Have you heard of Nick Kent or Charles Shaar Murray?
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    4. Suedestomp
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    5. Anonymous
      Irrespective of whether it’s fair comment or not, the writer is a known anti-Moz journo. This is how it works.
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    6. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      What are the correct political views to hold in a democracy? Anyone wish to enlighten us?
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    7. Anonymous
      Love him more than ever. Keep hating, the desperation is clear in your writing. White liberals are just narsasists in search of acceptance. Kind of like people who attend mega church’s. Same group think.
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    8. g23

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    9. 12" on the slack
      12" on the slack
      Political views that suggest that some people are lesser people because of the colour of their skin, the culture they were born into, their nationality etc should be up for debate in a democracy.
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    10. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      It's all about context. The author fails to mention terrorism in Europe and the world at large, the main propogator for any Islamic feeling. If you deny a person's ability to be angry about terrorism, you lose any arguement.
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    11. vegan.cro  spirit #221
      vegan.cro spirit #221

      That makes 0 sense.:cool:
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    12. vegan.cro  spirit #221
      vegan.cro spirit #221
      New Statesman is communist propaganda, to the left of Hitler.
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    13. Anonymous
      You seem so out of touch and emotionally unhinged it's scary.
      If you hate Moz so much then why post here?.. pretty sure that makes you a troll.
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    14. Anonymous
      It's a shame that Dorian left out the fact that Steve also masquerades himself as a vegan whilst eating cheese and wearing wool and cashmere designer clothing. :eek:

      The wizard of Moz has yet again been exposed folks, how many times?

      #Korda Marshall sack the CrankFraud

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    15. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      I haven’t seen much evidence of debate. I’ve seen plenty of condemnation. I’ve seen posts and links to stories - including the one above - in which the author assumes the only opinion which matters is their own.

      It seems to me this is an issue of culture rather than race. I’d enjoy a week in which I didn’t hear the word Islam. I’m sick to the back teeth of it. I’d like a few days in which it didn’t dominate the news. Some can pretend all they like, but Islam isn’t a race. You can join it if you’re mad enough, or leave it if you’re brave enough.

      I’d be grateful if, when another atrocity is committed in its name, the next day I didn’t turn on Sky News to be told how wonderful and peaceful it is really and then go to an ad break in which an NGO tries to tap me up for a fiver a month to stop men abroad who follow that credo marrying eight year old girls. It’s almost the definition of mixed messages.

      I’d like it clarified. Is it marvellous or does it also allow in its teachings the raping of young children? Or perhaps it hits that minuscule sweet spot where the left are happy for it to apparently endorse peace, love, understanding on one hand and child rape on the other? Why can I donate by text to help stop such practices in the third world, but potentially face arrest for being appalled when it happens in the mill towns of Northern England under the direct and deliberate protection of Labour councils and the police?

      Why is Saudi Arabia, one of the great bogeymen of world politics, and the home of Islam, excoriated by the left, yet those same people welcome its teachings in the West? Do they expect a more liberal, reformed Islam to take root? I mentioned the other day the fate of the Iranian hard left who sought to co-exist with Khomenini’s vision after the fall of the Shah. They were immediately killed.

      I get the impression that there are some on the left who look at Islam, see parallels with communism, and think, like their Persian predecessors, they can bring about their own revolution in Europe. I’d advise them to think again. They are only competing to be last in the mass grave.
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    16. gordyboy9
      sknnybaws your such a sad man,you will go to ur grave with this gnawing away at you till your final moments on this planet,anyway hows your debating skills coming on for your big debate, I cant wait.
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    17. Tibby the cat 93
      Tibby the cat 93
      Another left wing publication incensed that a music figure isn't entirely reading from their script. They take it for granted that all must and find the rare exceptions maddening.
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    18. Joe90
      Interesting point. In the modern era the communists and Antifa march alongside Muslims, yet many Muslims joined the Nazi SS to fight against communism during WW2.

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    19. vegan.cro  spirit #229
      vegan.cro spirit #229
      YIKES! Thats the Mufti of Jerusalem who moved his base of operations to Berlin to agitate against the Jews.
      He thought the Fuhrer much too soft on the Jews, he wanted them eliminated not onl from Europe but from all of the Middle East as well. Hitler had to make him chill.
      Had the Ottoman Empire not collapsed they would have joined Hitler just like they did the Kaiser.:turban::guardsman:

      The Islamist movement grew out of Nazism.:thumbsdown:
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