Morrissey Central “MORRISSEY 2023” (December 8, 2022)

Studio time is booked for January and February 2023 when Morrissey will record his new album WITHOUT MUSIC THE WORLD DIES. The recording will be the fifth Morrissey album produced by ten Grammy winner Joe Chiccarelli , and the band continues to be Jesse Tobias, Gustavo Manzur, Alain Whyte, Juan Galeano and Brendan Buckley. The 12 songs were written by Morrissey with Alain Whyte, Jesse Tobias, Gustavo Manzur. There is no record label as yet for the project, and ways to attain global distribution are being researched.

Morrissey commented:

"The songs, of course, are magnificent, and even the relentless difficulties we have experienced recently are not enough to kill us off. "

Morrissey's last album release was 'I Am Not A Dog on a Chain' in March 2020, which charted at #1 in both Poland and Scotland, #3 in France and England.

Media coverage:
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It's hard to read posts like this from Central and not be critical. He is making another mess.

It's foolish to come here and expect healthy conversations, this is not Oprah, ffs.
No one owes anyone an explanation about why they are here or what their fan status is, but I do think the sycophants think they are entitled to this information as the seem to think they act as gatekeepers to the discussions about Morrissey and decide what is ok and what is not. What is definitely not ok is to attack another member here for expressing a negative thought about Morrissey, he does plenty to bring it on himself. I have no idea why anyone wants to defend this and it doesn't matter to me; leave me to my opinion and I will leave to yours, possibly with a downvote, I get them too, they aren't a big deal.

I do think he reads here, it's obvious he did at one point and I don't think he has the self control to stop. I think SER reads here too. No one and nothing from here will change M and what he does and I don't think anyone believes that, people just wish he would stop self destructing and stop being so bitter.

He has said and done things that have changed people's perception of him forever, that is just a fact, and it can't be fixed. His career has suffered from it but he chooses to portray himself as a victim and not the actual architect of his own downfall. He is obviously the latter.

He is again chasing the next best album; no label, no plan, no idea what's going on with BOT. Perhaps he is in the position he deserves to be in, perhaps this is what he earned, he is not one to learn from his mistakes.
Moz - Solo used to be a lot of more positive
Now it seems to be over half the posts or posters are negative or harsh.
Wonder what changed and when? Maybe 2017 ish?
I think a lot of the more postive people have been driven away by the nonsense here and I don't mean the critics of Morrissey, because at least we can all have conversations with each other and it can be interesting.
Anyone know or remember what Stiff Little Fingers did about 10 years ago when they wanted to make an album?
Posted minutes prior elsewhere:


You know when your Niece or Nephew make you a birthday card. Obviously design/quality wise, it’s the worst card you receive, but it means more to you than the rest because they made it themselves, wrote their own message inside etc. I usually keep those cards and throw the others away.

I think that’s what we’re looking at here. There’s no other explanation why Moz would even let this artwork see the light of day.
You know when your Niece or Nephew make you a birthday card. Obviously design/quality wise, it’s the worst card you receive, but it means more to you than the rest because they made it themselves, wrote their own message inside etc. I usually keep those cards and throw the others away.

I think that’s what we’re looking at here. There’s no other explanation why Moz would even let this artwork see the light of day.
It looks like a Sisters of Mercy bootleg.
It would definitely look better without the people filming with their iPhones in the shot.
The greatest time to be a Moz fan was 2004-2006/7. He was everywhere, everybody loved him, he seemed to love life and doing what he did, he released great music - and I was young. These past ten years or so have truly been the worst years in my Morrissey fandom.
Yes, I'm with you on that. I think the lp will still come out. I can't see Capital not releasing it.
Though, how they will release it is another question.
Didn't someone post on here that they heard the songs M and AW were working on and they were his best in a long time? So, that's quite exciting.
M has a little powerhouse of a writing team at the moment, they will all be in competition so
that could create some cracking tunes.
I like the sentiment of the LP title, but as someone pointed out it's a crude version of Friedrichs quote - actually, its sad that even M's song titles aren't as original as they once were Rebel without Applause has been used by a few people
In the end, I'm quite positive, I think he should keep touring, let that pay for the records and wages and just carry on, maybe he will do the sensible thing and release his own stuff and not go cap in hand to record companies. He could do singles and things, create a nice artist/fan relationship

he will be just fine

Just thought, do we know when its coming out?
I could imagine Moz reading and enjoying the dark humour of 'Ecce Homo'. Great book.
But the album title sounds like the sort of title an artist might come up with following the death of his mother. Such events make you think about such things.
I really don't understand all the talk about M reading this site or not because it really doesn't matter. Because it's a forum, it's there for an exchange of thoughts, opinions and feelings of about a common topic we're all interested in and passionate about. To say the critique doesn't reach M so where is the point is banning saying anything at all about M because the positive comments, praise and the thoughts about M and his music don't reach him either, so where's the point? And if M doesn't read it anyway, where's the harm?
And it isn't about what M reads and what not. It's about expressing oneself. And a "healthy discussion" in my view is an exchange of opinions without the usual trolls. So yeah I think most of the posts are healthy because they're an opinion of somebody and everyone should be allowed to have that.
Good heavens. How much longer can this go on? 2029 - sixth unreleased album is recorded: 'COUGHING SUMMFINK CHAMPION' with a crap photoshop cover of Hurricane Smith in an oxygen tent pretending to wear a TQID t-shirt. Still, if it amuses him . . . I suspect we will have all got old and moved on long before then.
In reality we have become more moralistic about sex, not less. Strange, considering we are supposedly more 'secular' and less religious. It is a strange world where pinching someone's bottom is a 'sex crime' that causes the victim 'trauma'. When I was a teenager, being groped in a crowded bar would be described as a good night out.
I don't get this anti-"wokeness" talk. That's just a label you stick to the other side to justify your -lets say highly debatable- points. I mean for real. Times changed for the better in this regard because victims now can speak up and get a voice and it's not covered up so much or belittled as before. That's PROGRESS. I mean holy shit, there were times when you were beheaded for looking the wrong way should we bring that back also? And yes- touching someone in inappropriate places without their permission is not acceptable and what gives someone "trauma" (why putting it in quotation marks anyway- because it doesn't "exist"?) is also highly individual. "A good night out" being groped as a teenager???!!! I'm sorry that you were not able to set boundaries or you really find it ok but that's your view then. And by the way M also talks in his autobiography about inappropriate behaviour of teachers in this regard and he didn't like it so he should be on the same page with progress because I think he neither wants to be treated like that again ever.
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Dear Morrissey! If you are still reading...I have loved The Smiths since I first got "Hatful of Hollow" on vinyl for christmas after it's first release. I had never heard anything like it, and I have been a fan of The Smiths and you ever since. I remember being on holiday in London when we read about The Smiths' break-up in NME. I remember you touching my hand from the stage playing live in Oslo...or was it Gothenburg...or Manchester...or London..!? Of course I have all The Smiths' records, singles box, cd box, and of course I have all your albums on vinyl and cds. And the 12-inch singles. And loads of the singles compilations bought on ebay. And the t shirts. I read this website several times every day. Recently I have also began to check out artists and news on Capitol Records several times daily. Why, do you think? Before we all get mad, and while the world still WILL listen...why not inform us about the Bonfire, about Capitol - give us some dates and details! We suffer now. We do suffer now. Thank you very much!
without music the world dies

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