Morrissey Central “LIVERPOOL” (March 30, 2023)

Well, this follows on nicely from the Leeds gig. Nice venue a glad I'll be back to the relative safety of inside gigs. One outdoor gig a year is quite enough risk taking with regards to the British weather for me.
Hopefully some news of ticket sales for either or both soon . Assume C Palace is now off , does anyone know ?
The Ticket date was on one of the Face-ache groups.

And Crystal Palace I think was made clear from Camp-Moz.

Could you please post the link to where it mentions that? That would be great!

I already have tickets for Leeds but need to know when Liverpool ones are going on sale. And yeh, you can easily deduce from the Crystal Palace statement that unless they say it's on then it's cancelled. That's basically what that message said.

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