Morrissey Central “LIVERPOOL” (March 30, 2023)

There's something missing from the poster this time around 😂
Looks like a fantastic venue. Great to see such places increasingly back on Morrissey’s roster.
Who does the typeface and layout for these tour posters? Any chimp with a reasonably-equipped smartphone and a couple of half-decent photo editing apps could do a better job than this. Seeing how Morrissey was always so meticulous in the artwork he presided over during The Smiths, it seems that these tour posters are lately being sabotaged with some fairly shoddy text alignment! :neutral:
This could be mega .
I think it will be another great gig , like Hammersmith.

M is fire live his new band are his best live band since the Smiths .
It's missing the ticket agency details. Oh, and also anything remotely attractive. All the great photos that there have been lately and this is what they use? Hopeless.
new merchandise especially designed for this show.
signed hubcaps £200.
Morrissey must have footage like this of his gigs, this is James advertising their gig in Liverpool.

Well, this follows on nicely from the Leeds gig. Nice venue an glad I'll be back to the relative safety of inside gigs. One outdoor gig a year is quite enough risk taking with regards to the British weather for me.
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