“It was dangerous sex (…)”: KrisTeen Young talks about her first meeting with Morrissey

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    “It was dangerous sex (…)”: KrisTeen Young talks about her first meeting with Morrissey - Blog do Marcelo Fialho

    One day before the first concert of Morrissey South America Tour ´13, we´ve interviewed his opening act, Kristeen Young, about her upcoming album with Dave Grohl, meeting Morrissey and a lot more…


    *How was your first contact with Morrissey music? And your first meeting ?
    It was dangerous sex, the meaning of life, and the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had. (same answer for both questions)

    *What can you tell about your participation in “That´s How People Grow Up” ? Was this song composed thinking about your voice, or did you choose in a demo which one would you like to put vocals in ?
    Morrissey brought me in pretty much after everything had been recorded. I didn’t choose the song. He chose ME for the song. He asked me to sing something operatic at the beginning. And that’s really all the direction I got. I remember at one point….during a break….he left the control room and came into the room where I had been singing. I was lying on the floor and he went over to the piano and started playing a tune. It was really soothing and I felt like that was a moment where we really bonded ….for some reason.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2013 (read-only)' started by Anonymous, Jul 9, 2013.

    1. mcrickson
      She's learned nothing. It's likely either that, or that she now has a firmer grasp on Morrissey's penis.
    2. vomitshirts
      KRISTEENYOUNG is a Crashing Bore.
    3. King Leer
      King Leer
      Nobody has ever come out and talked of sex with Morrissey.
      Did Kristeen just Snowden herself?
      And an uncomfortable call from Tony, I'd guess.
    4. Anonymous
      we now know why we all must endure her on stage before Morrissey's set.

      however, i find her performance slightly entertaining...like a car wreck.
    5. CrystalGeezer
      Well, they've bonded. Isn't that beautiful. :straightface:

      I remember hearing a radio interview of her a few years ago and the question was asked about the recording of this song. I recall her saying "It wasn't like we were looking longingly into each other's eyes while I sang." I have a faint recollection she said he wasn't even at the studio. :squiffy: I could be wrong. Whatever, good for her. Now she's talking of having babies, everything's turning up roses for Miss Old. Wear a condom since you're apparently banging each other, Morrissey. Gross.
    6. Anonymous
      If they are banging why aren't they seen together? He's never seen out with her. Surely all the fan sightings would have caught them together at least once. She's a attention whore and banging Visconti. She thinks she's being clever and risqué with her answers. She's a bore.
    7. Girlmostlikely
      No where in this interview did KY say she's sleeping with Morrissey! Yet, this seems to be everyone' s takeaway.

      The" dangerous sex" Comment was a metaphor, albeit a clumsy one. I don't think it would offend Morrissey, it was clearly a compliment.

      I do think that she likes the idea of us fans wondering are they, aren't they. It gets people talking about her.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Yes, I remember that interview. She was talking about recording Sweetie Pie, and she did say he wasn't there.
    8. CrystalGeezer
      Ohhh, that's right, wrong song. So maybe he was tinkling out lullabyes on the piano while she lounged on the floor? I guess it does all make sense that they tour the world together. My sign reading skillz are apparently way off. :(
    9. Carly
      she wasn't literally saying 'i had sex with him'...
    10. Heathen
      You need to work on your reading comprehension skills, dumb ass.
    11. Anonymous
      The first time she didn't take any responsibility at all, by issuing a statement that said she didn't "mean it that way", and that it was just part of her "show". Whats she going to say this time? That she was misquoted? Give her a rope and she'll hang herself. The only surprising part is that she was taken back in the first instance. Sure she'll try to save this by saying it was a joke, but how many times can you do that? Morrissey is an icon and will remain one, but the fact that she still tries to bring him down to her own level is just stupid. He might like her, and he might like her music, but her association with him does nothing for him. It serves only herself. And she's good at going back on her own words. Recently she posted on FB on her own page, that she's a "real slut". In a thread of about 50 unrelated comments, as soon as she got 2 single comments that were negative about that, all of it instantly disappeared. I think alot of peoples main issue with her is that you can't play dumb and naive and hard done by, only when its convenient. It is transparent, and it gets old.
    12. CrystalGeezer
      Why is that?
    13. Anonymous
      "I remember at one point….during a break….he left the control room and came into the room where I had been singing. I was lying on the floor and he went over to the piano and started playing a tune. It was really soothing..."

      Death of a Disco Dancer is soothing?
      Morrissey doesn't play any musical instrument, he has said so himself, so if it wasn't Death what could he actually play?
    14. nothappynotsad
      This. If everyone put their childish jealousy aside for a moment and actually read the interview, they would be able to tell that this comment was definitely tongue-in-cheek. I think she's a talented artist with a very dry sense of humor and you people always attack her for it. I actually admire her much more than I do Morrissey. She takes the time to communicate with fans. On more than one occasion she has responded to my silly inquiries and we've actually joked around a few times. You would never catch Morrissey treating his fans as though they were human beings. She is a kind person and you people treat her like she is scum. She doesn't deserve it.
    15. Anonymous
      I thought it was hilarious when Moz and Kristeen had a public fight because it made them seem more human, rather than just rock stars. Kristeen seems more human in this interview too because she is sharing that she is not getting a big enough share of the wealth from her creative efforts.

    16. CrystalGeezer
      Whether it's true or not, in a week the one thing that will be remembered from this interview is that Morrissey had dangerous sex with Kristeen Young. She's not being witty, she's a manipulative hag working the power of implication card to suit her personal glorification.
    17. Anonymous
      This^. SHEER manipulation. Anyone who doesn't see this clearly, and thinks she is funny and "dry" must be male, or on a different planet, or just clueless. Calling other people "jealous" doesn't detract anything from her very considered and very calculated words. She likes to play the innocent ingenue, but there is nothing accidental about this statement. KrisTeen is on the ball. Make no mistake. But at what expense? Not impressed. #canseerightthough, #emperorsnewclothes, #desperate, #coattails
    18. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!

      Did you ever consider that Morrissey lies? It wouldn't be the first time...
    19. Girl_Germs
      I'm pretty sure you could cut the sexual chemistry with a knife if you caught these guys in a room together...

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