Morrissey Central “CHAIN GANG” (May 30, 2022)


Gregor Samsa

I straighten up, and my position is one of hope.
I’ve said it before, but this is a magnificent look for Moz. 1999-2002 was a glorious period.


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I was just listening to this interview and Steve Jones says he's got a podcast with Chrissie coming up soon - I think she was involved in the new Sex Pistols film and went to the premiere this week.

Roger O

Chrissy once told me that she wanted to kick me in the face from the little stage at the Bowery Ballroom for screaming. OK I was shreaking, whatever. That place was a steamy little dump. Vive el amour just came out. Either that was a really good show or I was scuttered legless. Like she's never been as drunk as is humanly possible. That place was el dump-o. Greeeeeeeat show. Seen her 4 times, first in fall of 81 with Farnden and Chambers. I'll accept an apology..


Okay, Boomerrissey.
Hey Central Douche. I'm drinking "It'S Too much" not Corona. Guess where I am? All the best with yer daft posts


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I’m sure Miley is not as close. I like Morrissey’s in some cases unpredictability, it irks most, especially here.
Comparing these pics , I think Miley is a little bit closer then Chrissy 🤪

Dirk Blaggard

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Sure why not?
Lets hope thats not what it means
Could it just be a nice pic M found, while cleaning up his desk top? Could it be he is doing a tour with Chrissy? Could it be the harsh slog of trying to get a deal, is making M feel like just another worker bee?
Each day like this, that passes, means no raised celebratory lunch lp glasses
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