Morrissey Central “CHAIN GANG” (May 30, 2022)

I’ve said it before, but this is a magnificent look for Moz. 1999-2002 was a glorious period.

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I was just listening to this interview and Steve Jones says he's got a podcast with Chrissie coming up soon - I think she was involved in the new Sex Pistols film and went to the premiere this week.
Chrissy once told me that she wanted to kick me in the face from the little stage at the Bowery Ballroom for screaming. OK I was shreaking, whatever. That place was a steamy little dump. Vive el amour just came out. Either that was a really good show or I was scuttered legless. Like she's never been as drunk as is humanly possible. That place was el dump-o. Greeeeeeeat show. Seen her 4 times, first in fall of 81 with Farnden and Chambers. I'll accept an apology..
Hey Central Douche. I'm drinking "It'S Too much" not Corona. Guess where I am? All the best with yer daft posts
Chrissy's cool, I just have that effect on people. Jealousy.

I’m sure Miley is not as close. I like Morrissey’s in some cases unpredictability, it irks most, especially here.
Comparing these pics , I think Miley is a little bit closer then Chrissy 🤪
Sure why not?
Lets hope thats not what it means
Could it just be a nice pic M found, while cleaning up his desk top? Could it be he is doing a tour with Chrissy? Could it be the harsh slog of trying to get a deal, is making M feel like just another worker bee?
Each day like this, that passes, means no raised celebratory lunch lp glasses
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