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I’d meant for this to coincide with Black Friday but inertia got the better of me. I’ve decided to make my debut novel, Don’t Carp, Marley Tiffin free on Kindle for the next five days. It’s a Bildungsroman about a frustrated Morrissey fan who decides to trade in a career in organised crime for life as a goldfish in an accountant’s pond. It’s three years old now but with the big man making it increasingly difficult to be an unapologetic fan, it’s more apposite than ever. And, more importantly, it’s free.

All I ask is that if you like it, you consider leaving a review and if you don’t, you greet it with a suitably embarrassed silence.

The blurb in full:

“The Wire. Meets Finding Nemo. Again.

At twenty-seven, Marley Tiffin is looking for a way out of the organised crime racket. He's getting too old to poison fish for a living and his arteries won't take much more of his psychopathic boss's home baking. He wants a nice, quiet job in a garden centre where he can work through his Morrissey fixation in peace. And, with the police closing in, he needs to get out fast. When DS Stuart Clatterbridge offers him Witness Protection in exchange for giving up his boss, Marley thinks his chance has come. The trouble is, he's about to turn more than Queen's evidence...

Set in the hinterland between South Manchester and North Wales and starring a cast of predatory herons, tactiturn shubunkin and mutant policemen, Don't Carp, Marley Tiffin is a tale of fish, fandom and the effects of subsisting on a diet of toadspawn.”

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