‘Why does everyone hate Morrissey?’



In the latest episode of the ‘Morrissey and Wine’ podcast we respond to a YouTube video entitled ‘Why does everyone hate Morrissey from The Smiths?’

Nanny Val is back to react to another song. Chris has his questions prepared for the Morrissey quiz. Can you beat George? We recommend some films and books - if you love Moz then you’ll love these. Plus we dissect the meanings of three songs.

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The formula established by now works nicely. You've created something of quality. I wonder if the 'hate' headline got you more listeners this time, even though you soon cleared the picture. 👨‍🎤🍷
Everyone doesn't hate Morrissey.
Some people don't like his music. Some people don't like him as a person. That's life.
Some people like his music. Some people like him as a person.
Lots of people would agree with many of the things he says.
The mainstream media don't like him because he notices reality. And that is not allowed. Anything except reality is what is wanted. Anything except the truth.
Contrary to the opinion of the literally eternally uninformed here, I don't hate Morrissey. I don't like a lot of things he does, and neither do other fans, which is probably why he lost so many.
I signed up for this account when the open letter with Johnny thing happened and I vehemently defended Morrissey in that instance, when he is right, I will say so.
Since then, he has done a lot of terrible things, and that in conjunction with his previous terrible things make it hard for me to like him as much as I did before.
I never 'loved' him or felt like we were outsiders together, I never felt like he saved my life- but he was interesting. Emphasis on was.
I don’t know what “truths” he has spoken etc that the media doesn’t like. Some people make him out to be Nigel Farage or Enoch Powell. To me that’s pure projection. This is the guy who said that he would do anything for his Muslim friends and “I call for every shade and persuasion … we shall always be alongside each other - everyone's culture of value. To keep spreading this weird narrative that Morrissey is this outspoken and fervent rightwing thinker is hardly doing him any favors. He’s probably conservative when it comes to some matters, and very liberal when it comes to other matters. But let’s not pigeonhole him.

And those that hate him, hate him because of just that. They believe the false narrative that he is the second coming of Enoch.

I love him because he’s written some of the best songs in the history of alternative pop music, because of his clearsighted view on animal rights and because he made me keep my head above water when I was young and depressed. But sometimes I want to smack him about and tell him to straighten up his act.
I watched a video of Marilyn Monroe quotations recently and one that I haven't verified as being from actually from her was along the lines of "It's better to be hated for what you really are than loved for what you are not". After all this time without retractions, explanations or apologies I think perhaps Morrissey is happy to have revealed his true thoughts and feelings and let the consequences be as they are. Compared with, for example, J K Rowling, who has stirred up much enmity from a seamingly exalted position of having it all, she has battled and argued and got rough with her opponents over a prolonged period. This probably isn't Morrissey's style, but I don't see that it should be for his remaing fans to defend him if he stays silent himself.
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