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    ​B​radley Steyn - true-to-you.net

    30 July 2014

    ​B​radley Steyn

    I cannot admit to actually "knowing" Bradley Steyn. Yes, I am aware that he is South African and that he lives in Los Angeles, and that he has "walked off" three Morrissey tours - which really is his own business, not mine. My personal involvement with him has been zero, and he has certainly never been Head Of Security on any Morrissey tour.
    I am aware of the false story he has placed on various news sites wherein he claims I asked him to "hurt" (kill?) David Tseng. Although Steyn's story lends itself to its own ridicule, I feel I must say to those who have not yet worked it out, that the story is a vexatious lie.
    It is common knowledge that I dislike the SoLow site, and I am aware that all of the opinions posted on the site are controlled or written by David Tseng, and that David Tseng will give maximum and inexhaustive publicity to anything said in the negative about me. This is a general truth that most people accept about SoLow. It is nothing new, and I have long since learned to accept it.
    The very idea that I would ask a complete stranger (Bradley Steyn) to physically attack David Tseng surely cannot register with any sane person as being likely. As mildly irritating as David Tseng may be, he is not someone who troubles me enough to even bother with.
    The shabby truth of this drama is that Bradley Steyn has been trying to extract money from what he terms "the Morrissey tour", and he has failed. He is now desperate, and this story is his latest escapade to gain someone's attention. What he is telling the world is that, as a music venue security officer, anyone who works with him in the future should expect the same harassment and persecution as he is now - mysteriously - wielding my way. It is beyond belief, and it is shocking that someone who makes claims of professionalism would lower himself to this level.
    Please note that Bradley Steyn's statement is now in the hands of the Los Angeles Police Department, and is subject to both criminal and civil action.

    ​30 July 2014.

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    1. Uncleskinny
      Firstly..."As mildly irritating as David Tseng may be, he is not someone who troubles me enough to even bother with." So why did his staff at the venue have a photo of David on their cellphones so they could spot him? And for someone who's trying not to bother with David, he sure mentions him a lot.

      Secondly, as Mozrecording spotted..."I am aware that all of the opinions posted on the site are controlled or written by David Tseng" - utter, made-up 100% copper-bottomed nonsense.

      Thirdly, as user Ghastly Guest posted..."Man. It really bums me out that Morrissey won't "promote" or do anything really about this fantastic album, but he does find time to post on TTY about deaths and lawsuits. I know it's his nature, but still. ". Indeed.

      Oh, and it looks like Eugenius was 100% spot-on in their assessment of how this all kicked off.

    2. Eric Hartman
      Eric Hartman
      I am not aware that all of my opinions posted on the site are controlled or written by David T. I must have missed something.
    3. mcrickson

      Whatever the full truth may be, if deep down Morrissey honestly dislikes solo as much as he says, he is unwittingly giving it a hell of publicity right now. This statement will be picked up by online media just as the others have.
    4. ADB
      I suspect he means that DT either writes or decides what is posted on the front page, which is true, isn't it?
    5. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      Apparently Morrissey doesn't understand the nature of online forums and message boards.
    6. Uncleskinny
      No it's not. There's a team, and sometimes others post stuff.

    7. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      Not entirely. I believe moderators can promote stories posted on the general message board by regular posters to front page new stories, if they deem it interesting enough.
    8. CrystalGeezer
      Your shame is sure to steyn the family name.

      Too soon? :D
    9. Mozzersmandan
      So many jimmies rustled - And yet moz still just doesn't see it

      He needs to get out from under his sycophancy blanket and sort shit out
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    10. Sidnettle
      The 'opinions' come from the posters themselves (who are themselves [these days, though not before] free to post as they wish), not the people who put up the stories.
    11. Anaesthesine
      Today, we are all David Tseng.
    12. Uncleskinny
      Of course you're right, maybe I didn't phrase that as well as I could have.

    13. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      I would say I tend to actually believe everything Morrissey has said in this statement regarding the matter at hand, but what is most perplexing (as mentioned earlier by myself and others) is that Morrissey can't seem to grasp the most basic concept that material written on this site by-and-large comes from his most loyal and engaged fans, not DavidT.

      Further, when Morrissey says DavidT "controls" the content (written by site members), is Morrissey then promoting censorship of opinion if he deems it negative? Brazil and Bahrain, Egypt, Ukraine indeed........
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    14. MozRecording
      Are you saying Morrissey can't write what he means and you need to try and infer things to what he says. Read what Morrissey wrote. That's what he meant.
    15. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      "It is common knowledge that I dislike the SoLow site, and I am aware that all of the opinions posted on the site are controlled or written by David Tseng," is not really open to interpretation.
    16. ADB
      Alright, thanks. It's true though that DT has overall control and can decide to get rid of something. That's not to say I advocate barring him from shows, but it's perhaps understandable how one might project perceived slights on to the site's owner.
    17. ADB
      Well, the writings found on the site are liable to be "controlled" by DT. He could edit or delete offensive postings if he wanted to; I'm not saying he should or should not, simply that ultimate control of the website rests with him.
    18. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      Well, he controls the content by allowing it to remain on his website, I suppose. I mean, I use other sites where the kind of abuse dished out here by some posters would just not be tolerated. Not for a second. Which admittedly can seem a little overzealous at times. But I don't think it's censorship necessarily.
    19. Detritus
      It does sometimes seem as though his primary objection with this website is that it permits dissent.

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