"Även de mest lojala överger Morrissey" by Martin Söderström - Aftonbladet

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By davidt on Jul 19, 2018 at 2:17 PM
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    Feb 12, 1997
    An anonymous person send the link:

    Även de mest lojala överger Morrissey - Aftonbladet
    Ikväll skulle han spelat i Sverige
    by Martin Söderström

    Google Translate to English:

    Even the most loyal abandon Morrissey
    Tonight he would have played in Sweden

    Tonight Morrissey would have been on stage at Dalhalla . Now it was not. The whole European Tour was canceled and the question is inevitable:

    Is this the end for Morrissey?

    In recent years , Morrissey's star has been in free fall. Not because of bad discs or tired concerts. These were the interviews that eventually broke us.

    We sighed desperately when he spoke insensibly about the bombing in Manchester. We were ashamed when in Der Spiegel called Berlin for "the capital of the rapists" (because of immigration, what else?). We did not believe our ears when he expressed sympathy for the former English Defense Leagu leader and also the Muslim hater Tommy Robinson . And we lost the air when he, at best Breitbart manners, began to shout about "the loony left", mainstreammedia's oppression and Hitler my left.

    When the singer this spring urged his listeners to vote for the High Extreme, Islamist Ukip Breakers in Britain, the bottom was reached. In the end, even his most loyal defender did not even hurt him anymore. That is the reason why Moz does not appear in a lime off-road outside Rättvik this evening.

    The official explanation for the slipped tour is of course a completely different one. "Logistical circumstances", it is called. Instead, it was about sluggish ticket sales. The places Morrissey previously sold out in the past, still had unsold plates left. An insider revealed that until the Edinburgh concert, 400 of the 2 500 (scary) tickets had been spent just weeks left for showtime. In Sweden, it looked the same. My Swedish industry source confirmed that the concert at Dalhalla was "really far from sold out".

    Of course, pop stars also have the right to say almost anything. But the recipient is also entitled to respond and act. In the United States, much is said to "vote with your dollar". That's exactly what Morrissey's audience did. Thousands of disappointed ex-fans have chosen not to fund Mozzers fall.

    I'm one of them. For too long, I defended. Seemed idiotic statements in context. Tried to understand. Excused. Would you like the man behind the songs that saved my life would not have been transformed into their own antites.

    I was wrong.

    Moz, once all the outside world's own patron saint, stands alone.

    To trot his own song Boxers:

    "Your weary fans are walking away".
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Discussion in 'Tour' started by davidt, Jul 19, 2018.

    1. marred
      Oh for fuck sake...
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    2. Surface
      400 tickets - thought it was more than that to be honest
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    3. Cornflakes
      400 left unsold sounds more likely.
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    4. Anonymous
      I don't know for Sweden but in Germany, he would have never filled the 17,000 seat capacity of the Berlin Venue, that's for sure. He would have played in front of 3,000 German fans.
    5. Ugly Devil
      Ugly Devil
      I'll never abandon you Mozzer. Have all your albums on display. 20180719_153911-1008x490.jpg 20180719_154007-800x389.jpg 20180719_153927-600x1234.jpg
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    6. Thewlis
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    7. Ugly Devil
      Ugly Devil
      I assume you're referring to Ocean Rain? It's great, but I actually prefer Heaven Up Here and Porcupine. These vinyl book editions are gorgeous.
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    8. Anonymous
      That's exactly what I think and feel.
      And I think i'm not alone about this.

      Too bad for Moz.... Good choice for me...
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    9. vegan.cro spirit# 523
      vegan.cro spirit# 523
      I like it how these unemployed blog dorks have inside info on all type of inside news, tickets sold, record contracts, all the while having no jobs.
      Its uncanny the ability they have.:crazy:
      (they make it all up since they can be sued due to being jobless and moneyless):lbf:
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    10. Surface
      I agree with you on that, saw them play the whole album with an orchestra at the Echo arena in Liverpool. It was magical!
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    11. Anonymous
      What a pitiful piece of writing. And it's a load of CRAP.

      Morrissey has an entire legion of fans across the globe who love him and his work. Even those who think his opinions on politics are negative aren't so STUPID that they need to stop enjoying his work.

      These articles need to stop now. It's one after the other after the other, nothing original to say...just another band-wagon jumper on the "Let's -hate-Morrissey " express.

      It's lazy writing. Loads of people love Mozza and defend him.

      He's done loads of dates that sold well recently, the Castlefield dates only sold badly because they were being played weeks off the back of the UK arena dates.

      Morrissey is one of the music world's biggest legends and will always remain so.
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    12. Thewlis
      Well, good to know you have some taste left then :)
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    13. AztecCamera
      I reckon there is no way I am wasting 10 seconds of my life and reading what a Nazi wrote about Uncle Steve while pissed off because he just had to wait 4 hours in line for his McRib at McDonalds at the "food square". You foreigners need to stop whining and move on. Steve hates all of you and now his true colors are showing. In Moz Angeles and most of the USA his popularity has stayed the same since 1991. No one talks shit about Steve. I reckon the photo shows a Sex Pistols and Uncle Steve CD and John Lydon and Steve live so far away from you people in Malibu. Get the hint?
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    14. Surface
      Yes, they're one of my favourite bands, saw them in May at Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, Mike Joyce was there as well, was nice to have a pint and a chat with him.
      Last edited: Jul 19, 2018
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    15. Jeffrey7777
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    16. Halloway
      "In recent years , Morrissey's star has been in free fall. Not because of bad discs or tired concerts."

      The bad discs aren't helping though, are they?
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    17. Anonymous
      Hi are you an expert on sales?
      You seem to be very confident in what you’re saying?

      I hope you are an expert? And not just in some kind of fantasy world where you can just make stuff up and say it on the internet?

      He sold 400.. that’s why it’s cancelled
      If he only had 400 to sell, with over a week to go before the show, he would have been on course for selling out.

      No one wants to be associated with him or the people he’s aligned himself with
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    18. Ugly Devil
      Ugly Devil
      Morrissey hasn't released a bad album since Malajusted, and even that has at least two classics.
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    19. Anonymous
      'would have' is hypothetical
      Martin sodastream can speak for himself.

      We re not all that easily brainwashed by the repetitious media or the browbeaters on this site.
      Really bored with the orchestrated outrage.
      Next time morrissey is in Ireland I'll be there
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