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  1. S

    For sale Morrissey 1992 "Your Arsenal" Derek Ridgers skinhead girls tour T-shirt

    Hello, Good to come across this site! I've just posted this T-Shirt for auction sale on ebay (my ebay handle is squareford) Thought there might be some people here who would appreciate knowing. It's labelled an XL (could also fit a L). Pit to Pit it's 54cm More pics on ebay, or happy to...
  2. Reggie Kray

    Smiths/Morrissey shirt collection

    Hello Everyone, I've a collection of t-shirts (mostly official) and wondered if we'd have a place to share what we have and photos of the shirts. I'm trying to track more down but it's not too easy here in the USA, and without great expense. Just wanted to share the photos here for a bit and...
  3. Marco Gonzalez

    Looking to buy: Morrissey skinhead girls Your Arsenal tour shirt

    Title says it all, looking for the Skinhead girls/byrds Your Arsenal tour shirt, in a size XL preferably, but any size will do. Message me on here or email me to get in touch - [email protected]
  4. Marco Gonzalez

    Want to buy - original 'Skin Girls' Your Arsenal tour shirt

    Hello, title says it all. Want to complete my collection of the Your Arsenal tour t shirts - looking to purchase an original 'Skin Girls' shirt, in size XL. Will pay good money or trade for it. (I have various original morrissey/smiths shirts in sizes LARGE and XL) Would rather pay than to...
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