1. A

    New York Doll Movie/Doc to play on DOC channel 3pm (pacific) today, in 7 minutes

    Tune in! It is a great movie, lots of Morrissey air time/coverage. Channel 197 Orange County Dish Network.
  2. MrShankly93

    2011 Videos

    Im looking for 3 specific songs from 3 specific dates, im looking for good quality videos please: There Is A Light - York Barbican Alma Matters - Bradford St. Georges Hall This Charming Man - Plymouth
  3. York Setlist

    York Setlist

    25/06/2011 York Setlist
  4. L

    1 York ticket sought :(

    Hello, my friend got screwed over my either seetickets or ticketmaster (can't remember which he used!) so we've only got 1 ticket between us. So we're looking for 1 York ticket so we can both go. If anyone knows about a spare York ticket (no preference for it) going, then please please let me...
  5. D

    2 x York or Grimsby or Bradford tickets required - seated or standing

    One disappointed lady is attempting to avoid filling the greedy pockets of the eBayers that were responsible for me not being able to buy tickets on their release :mad: It's a long shot but I'm hoping that someone out there could sell me 2 tickets for York, Bradford or Grimsby! I'd be a...
  6. L

    spare York ticket?

    Hey guys, There was a ticket disaster this morning and i've ended up with a ticket but my friend hasn't and is heartbroken! I'd be eternally grateful if anyone with a spare York ticket, or who knows of one would let me know :thumb: Thank you, hope you all got the tickets you wanted! :)
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