1. S

    strange morrisey birthday tradition

    hello my birthday was yesterday ( june 11th) and every year on june 12th since it came out i listen to the song "its not your birthday anymore" does any other fan on this fourm do that or to quote morrisey " if i seem a little strange thats cus i am"
  2. MozVegan9

    'It's Not Your Birthday Anymore' live version?

    Apparently he only only played it once and I was wondering if anybody has a bootleg of it. I've always wanted to hear it live since I first heard it. :guitar:
  3. L

    Free Years of Refusal posters from street team

    If you sign up for the Lost Highway Records street team they'll send you posters from the Years of Refusal marketing campaing. There are 3 styles and sizes. You have to watch a 2 minute video and post something to your facebook/myspace page and then you are all set. Here's the link...
  4. Mozzza

    Is The 'Years Of Refusal' Going To Be Tour Morrissey's Last Ever Tour??

    Wondering if anyone knew any of Morrissey's plans, if hes quitting, releasing anymore music, tourning anymore etc... Thanks for any info!
  5. M

    Reviews of 'Years of Refusal'

    Thought this topic deserved its own thread. Here is what appears to be the first review of the new album (which I've cut and pasted from the tracklisting thread): _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Report from the new Morrissey disc There, now are all the parts for tomorrow's...
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