1. T

    about this messageboard?

    why have these boards turned so shit. And why is it full of retards? discuss please. all the best B.C..
  2. Revol

    So, Witchita Lineman got banned?

  3. unruly/girl

    what kind of sandwiches do you do?

  4. Godlovesugly

    Goodbye Sty & Goodbye so-low

    Goodbye so-low Good knowin' ya
  5. Jukebox Jury

    What do you think Kewpie's 20,000th post will be?

    Kewpie is rapidly arriving at her 20,000th post..... Here is what the bookmakers think that magical post will be.....:thumb: Jukebox Jury
  6. Virgil Tracy

    What other forums do you post on???

    Well? Sure someone has some interests other thn Moz?
  7. Y

    People who should be taken out to an isolated spot and shot in the head

  8. snowfallsoon

    Official 'I want this' thread

    all of these and this
  9. troubleluvsme

    Robby is still a total f***tard

    just sayin' The funny thing Robby, is that you write these things without knowing anything about me, my line of work, my circle of friends, who I date, etc... So, until you know me well enough to judge me, STFU and quit being such a f***tard.
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