without music the world dies

  1. Billy A

    Bonfire of Teenagers or Without Music The World Dies

  2. A

    Morrissey Central "New Recording." (February 20, 2023)

    WITHOUT MUSIC THE WORLD DIES has been recorded in France. The 10-track album has been described by Jesse Tobias as "a lightning strike." This is the 5th Morrissey album produced by Joe Chiccarelli. The songs are: The Night Pop Dropped Zoom Zoom The Little Boy Boulevard Headache Without Music...
  3. SuedeMoz

    Poll What's the reason for recording a new album when BOT's release is still uncertain?

    As an outsider it seems an odd choice to record a new album, Without Music The World Dies (WMTWD) when BOT is still not released (and with no official release date announced). Further, it was stated: "There is no record label as yet for the project, and ways to attain global distribution are...
  4. This Charming Bowie

    Morrissey Central “MORRISSEY 2023” (December 8, 2022)

    https://www.morrisseycentral.com/messagesfrommorrissey/morrissey-2023 Studio time is booked for January and February 2023 when Morrissey will record his new album WITHOUT MUSIC THE WORLD DIES. The recording will be the fifth Morrissey album produced by ten Grammy winner Joe Chiccarelli , and...
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