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    New unseen Morrissey photo by Anton Corbijn

    cool. i just googled imaged his name and mozs and so many great ones i hadnt seen came up. some really really nice work there
  2. Viva Hate from Mexico!

    Viva Hate from Mexico!

  3. Ad, Viva Hate Centenary, 1997

    Ad, Viva Hate Centenary, 1997

    These are scans are various ads of Morrissey albums / events. The ads are often taken from periodicals targeted at various members of the music industry. This ad is for Viva Hate Centenary Edition
  4. Viva Hate

    Viva Hate

    A photo of my pastel drawing, Viva Hate.
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    Morrissey Viva Hate LP 1988 question

    Today at Newbury Comics I purchased for $20.00 USD a 12" vinyl LP of Viva Hate. It is wrapped in a plastic covering (as well as the typical plastic sleeve protector that most albums come with) that is sealed with a silver sticker that says "Simply Vinyl Seal of Quality Made in the UK" on it...
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