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  1. AlsationCousin

    Backdrop photo for Shoplifters of the World Unite - UK Tour 2022

    I've always loved The Smiths artwork as well as the backdrops that Morrissey uses on his tours. Morrissey has such a great eye for photographs and constructed his and the Smiths aesthetic from scratch, so when you see an image he has selected, you know it's about him. On the recent tour there...
  2. bluecats

    Glasgow february 17 2018

    Because the standing level tickets on TicketMaster were over, I ended up buying a level two front, seating ticket. Is there anybody, who has a level 0 standing ticket, intrested on swapping the tickets?
  3. timesofgrace

    anybody have any tips or advice on how to get a photo pass for the 2011 uk dates?

    hi all. "long time listener, first time caller" ... i will be posting more details about this project in the very near future, but for the time being, i'll keep it short. i am planning on traveling to the uk from boston to follow morrissey on tour this june, and i am putting together a book...
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