1. FatGayVegan

    Boy George mentions The Smiths on Twitter

    Boy George was on a Twitter bender and rapid fire answering multiple tweets. In response to "Hi @BoyGeorge you like The Smiths?" he responded "What kind of person wouldn't? A human disgrace!". You can see original Twitter exchange here.
  2. Uncleskinny

    First actual Morrissey tweet according to rep At time of writing, only following Harvest Records. All followers look to be intact. Morrissey Is Now Tweeting, Everybody - Pitchfork Today, history is made Excerpt: Although Morrissey's Twitter page indicates that he joined the social network in June of...
  3. M

    Aidan Moffat on Morrissey/The Smiths

    From @AidanJohnMoffat on Twitter today: "Just read about Morrissey. Oh dear. I've always thought he was a prick and The Smiths are the most overrated band in history. f***ing idiot." Overrated? Get a life. And a shave.
  4. D

    Johnny Marr "keep on Keepin on by NF Porter is very good also I think"

  5. P

    Moz fans on Twitter?

    Are there any Moz/Smiths fans on Twitter? Be good to follow people with some decent taste for once ;)
  6. R


    Who's on it? @DavidAldana
  7. Abrahan

    houston, texas - venue - jones hall

    two local sources of mine confirmed today that morrissey would be performing at jones hall in houston. it would be part of a music concert series that houston society for the performing arts is going to to be having. looking at the venue's schedule and the gap in the tour booked so far, i...
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