1. PregnantForTheLastTime

    Treatise on Cowardice

    It's so easy to throw punches when you're behind a shield, isn't it? My loyalties lie with those who I can trust, those who value me and respect my feelings. I'm sure I could insert a long string of Morrissey quotes, but surely that isn't necessary. My point is clear.
  2. Helen Bach

    Today the life

    Is the call to the reason for the last play.
  3. Helen Bach

    Has banning banished the buzz?

    It seems possible to me that since the recent growth in banning on this 'ere forum (R.I.P Gertrude) then some of the 'buzz' of Solo has also vanished. I remember you could check the forums two or three times a day and be guaranteed a stack of new (sometimes interesting, sometimes...
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