1. Mozzza

    Is The 'Years Of Refusal' Going To Be Tour Morrissey's Last Ever Tour??

    Wondering if anyone knew any of Morrissey's plans, if hes quitting, releasing anymore music, tourning anymore etc... Thanks for any info!
  2. D

    Two standing tickets for sale -- Troxy, May 26th

    Hi all -- This is my first post, though I've been following the forum for a while (mostly to monitor the big man's health). My partner and I have a spare pair of tickets for the Troxy gig on the 26th. They are standing tickets with a face value of £38.50, plus the usual vile charges for...
  3. Elvez

    Mike Park (Asian Man Records fame) and Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy fame) tour UK!!

    ¡Hola Amigos! I'm just a fan (or an admirer as Moz would say) of Mike Park and Jesse Michaels. Mike Park is, dare I say, the Asian Billy Bragg and founder of Asian Man Records. Jesse Michaels is from the ace Operation Ivy:guitar:! I got a newsletter a few days ago and wanted to pass the info...
  4. B

    Selling 1 or 2 tix for sold out Boston show

    Hi I have two GA tickets for the sold out Boston show at the new House of Blues - I can't attend and will sell the pair or one ticket. They cost me $54.50 a piece, which I'd like to get, but will consider offers. Email me at [email protected] Thanks
  5. ADAM

    Atlanta Is Still 100% On...

    My partner went by after work today, and they're sold out. They also were called by the tour manager to assure them that Atlanta is still happening. So ya'll pop open a Coca Cola, fly Delta, and get cheese grits at one of our 500 convenient Waffle House restaurants.
  6. E

    Anyone ever work with moz on tour

    OUt of inte:guitar:rest
  7. I

    Cameras at Morrissey shows

    Are they allowed usually? Particularly hollywood bowl as i am crossing my fingers so i can fly from Arkansas to see of you nice posters should hold my camera as I stage invade:)
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